Community Office Hours

Hello! @rhys-davies and I are piloting online community office hours today! :small_airplane: While we don’t have the bridge for the new #ubuntu-on-air channel on libera set up yet (it’s been a busy week, y’all), we’ll be in the channel while we also try our new streaming platform on Twitch! In the near future, we hope to bridge all three platforms (Twitch, YouTube, and IRC), but for today, we’re going to focus on Twitch and IRC. :left_speech_bubble:

We’ll start streaming at 18:00 UTC today, and we’ll be alternating office hours weekly between APAC/EMEA and EMEA/Americas. So come join us, hang out, ask community-related questions, and get to know your friendly neighborhood community team! :handshake:


Will attend today, via Twitch and IRC :slight_smile:

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The subcategory description we discussed on the stream is here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you have any ideas create a new topic with ‘ways to contribute’ at the category :blush: