Community office hours, no guests, just tutorial

Join me and @madhens this week 2021-07-08T18:00:00Z as we talk through how you write and contribute a tutorial, about anything, to the official Ubuntu tutorials page​:closed_book::sparkling_heart: Aka share that sweet sweet knowledge :blush: We’ll go through the tutorial on tutorials, answer questions :raised_hand: take feedback :mega: give ideas, and make a start on a brand new tutorial :nerd_face:

Join us on Twitch or Youtube :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

See ya there :blush:


Fabulous job by @madhens .

Extra kudos because we all know that it’s VERY hard to fill an hour by yourself.

I’m sure many community members would be happy to join and fill in as the friendly discussion-partner. In a pinch, you don’t need to do it all yourself.


You know, it might not be bad to have a group of ‘pinch hitters’ in case either Rhys or I is sick, or on PTO, or, erm, oversleeps the early office hours (that hasn’t happened yet but just saying.) @rhys-davies maybe we could also have a community chat office hours where we pick a set topic and then whoever wants to join can hop in to Streamyard and join the discussion. Thanks for the great idea, @ian-weisser and for watching the video!

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Sure, that sounds like a great idea, we’ll need a way for people to put their hands up to volunteer in a pinch though? We could just do it live on stream in the pinchiest of pinches but it would be much better to have some way for people to elect themselves ahead of time…?

I was thinking a Discourse topic we could pin for a few weeks and every now and then, toss the link into the chat during the stream to get people who may have missed it.

If you’re open to a suggestion from a lurker, I would suggest…

One thread per week / Office Hour.

The thread can go up as soon as you have a topic/participant/date. If you know four weeks ahead, you can create the thread four weeks ahead.

Suggestion: Use a standard title format so past streams are easy to find (Community Office Hour 29 March 2022 - Santa Claus and Webkit).

The thread allows you to organize the life cycle of the Office Hour: Preparatory input, announcement/pin, stream links, and follow-up.

Discord has an Announcements category as well as Pinning. Use both. For example, two weeks before the Hour, move the thread from the UbuntuOnAir section to the Announcements section. (It does not change the thread’s URL). AND pin it for the two weeks. A few days after the Hour, unpin and move it back. I’ve noticed that Office Hours seems to get a lot of more views in the 72 hours afterward than it gets during the live stream, so keep the Announcement up for an extra few days.

If a guest brought up some links during the Hour, might be best if THEY make a post in the thread adding those links. It gives them a chance to engage directly with others on Discourse, which seems one of the purposes.

The goal here isn’t to make more work for you. It’s to organize your existing work so that it’s easier to find by more people.


I’m here for that office hour!

madhens -

As well for proliferation - remember there is the Ubuntu on Air! Calendar at that will be useful in adding events to the weekly Ubuntu News Letter.

Keep up your great work




Do you know how we can access that calendar? Because that would be sooooo fantastic to use so that people could subscribe, set alerts, you could add it to the news letter, etc!

Sorry madhens -
No idea of how the Fridge calendars are managed. Not to this time have I had to deal directly with that aspect.
jose in our IRC channel #ubuntu-news has always come to our rescue. Might I suggest you meet jose there ?