Community Meetup at Copenhagen Roadmap Sprint

UPDATE: We’ve changed the date and added an earlier event! If you want to join us, fill out the form here

Canonical is getting back to in-person meetings, and we’d like to make community meetups a regular part of those meetings! In the past, we know LoCo groups were kind enough to host us. This time around, we’d like to return the favor, starting with our Product Roadmap Sprint in Copenhagen from May 2-6. :blush:

The community day will happen on Saturday, May 7, and have two parts. The first is a trip to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, about 40 minutes from Copenhagen, from noonish to 5 PM CET. The second will be a free (free as in tea!) dinner, compliments of Canonical, location TBD by availability and dietary requirements/preferences. :sailboat: :plate_with_cutlery:

If you want to join, just sign up here! If you have any questions, as always, just reply below. Hope to see some of you in Denmark! :denmark:


@guiverc Could you put the invite for this into the newsletter for next week? Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:



On behalf of the UWN team - noted the notice for inclusion in the next issue.

-is what we do-


@bashing-om The event details were updated today.

Thanks Jeremy! I missed that. :woman_facepalming: