Community Game Suggestions!

For the week of 19 July, the Community Team will be in a sprint - so we want to take things easy during the office hours and play some games! While we have a few ideas, we’d love to hear your suggestions for multiplayer games that run on Linux (either through Steam, Wine, or the browser) to play next week and for future office hours and other community events. Go ahead and post them here, and we can’t wait to see what people suggest!


Golf with your Friends, maybe ? It’s always fun to watch !

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In the team I’m in at work, we have a team building session every Friday, where we basically play games. These are the ones we have played recently, all of which are fun, run in a browser and aren’t hard to pick up. They often have maximum player numbers, so you may want to kick off multiple games at once.


SuperTuxKart multiplayer mode

Oh, I saw and had that on the list of possible games! Thanks for letting us know that its fun for a group! And I am definitely going to check the other two out - I think I bought my nephews the non-virtual version of Go Nuts for Donuts when they were small!

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Minecraft .or

  1. Muck= It is free on steam and linux native
  2. CSGO…would be funny to watch
  3. The Elder Scrolls Online = making a guild in-game and go questing, dungeoning, raiding and showing off (characters, cool items we got, our characters skills)
    requires proton 5.10 = nvidia users = need to put in PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 in games properties. only likes to be installed on main OS drive if you pick ESO

Okay, Muck looks like a strong contender!Thanks for the recommendations!

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Retro: Many good-old board games (Clue, Battleship) are easy to play with a webcam, a bit of fiddling to mount the webcam high enough to see the board, and a shared audio server like Discord.

Jackbox (and similar) party games can streamed into a Discord channel. We play with remote family this way quite often. However, it’s not multi-language. Requires a phone and a separate device for display and audio.

Jackbox was my first impulse, but then I started thinking about the possible extra equipment requirements, like you mentioned.

This could be a fun retro project, but there’s a distance chessboard DIY that runs off a RaspPi. It requires some 3-D printed elements, but that could be a fun project! You know, so many of those games (Battleship, Sorry, Trouble) could probably be done similarly. Pinging @rhys-davies (only once he’s back from PTO) about this!

I know it’s paid but I can recommend Among Us jeje.

Be the imposter is the best. And runs very well on Linux with Proton. It runs fine

Oh, I LOVE Among Us! Hard to play on a stream, because your audience knows who the imposter is if the imposter us you. But that would be a fun off stream game, and even if we didn’t have voice chat it could still work!

Hahaha, I am a bad imposter, though. I’m okay at killing people (just ask @Wimpress!) but very, very bad at not acting sus during the team meeting.

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Minecraft , Use it with TLauncher

There are many voicing interest in something GTA3/4-like but independent from Steam. Are there any plans for Ubuntu game devs creating classics as such and / or a platform aside of Steam?

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We have a new community Minecraft server thanks to @rs2009 so that could definitely be a possibility! And I’m going to tag @kenvandine for your question, @palindromesome about Ubuntu game devs.

Halo MCC custom game?

Pretty sure that doesn’t need anti-cheat to be enabled for it to work.