Community Council meeting: 20180503

The first meeting of March of the Ubuntu Community Council took place on Thursday 03 March 2018 at 1700 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode.








  • Progress from last meeting:
    • Bold bug triaging - @Wimpress
      • No progress.
      • [Action] @elopio to ask an updated status of the situation from the involved people
      • [Action] @Wimpress to talk to wgrant
    • Triage CoC bug - all CC.
      • There are a few important bugs.
      • One suggests the addition of an antiharrassment sentence, and it has a merge proposal.
      • A suggestion for a screencast to make the process easier.
      • The text on the page is slightly different than the one on the repo.
      • [Action] @elopio to comment on the CoC bugs and update the status.
    • Clearly define governance seats, terms, and quorum - @elacheche
      • The 4 members quorum is just like a logical formula to get a majority of 7 people board to be present.
      • Didn’t find anything usefull in the wiki
      • [ACTION] @elacheche to open a post on the hub to discuss the definition of quorum
      • [ACTION] @wxl to contact the boards and tell them about the quorum discussion
    • Send the emails to liri and enlightenment contacts - @Wimpress
      • Emails sent to the contacts, waiting for reply.
      • [ACTION] @wxl to contact the enlightenment debian maintainer
    • Make a post on the hub about the guerrilla marketing campaign. Share the draft. @Wimpress
      • No progress
      • [ACTION] @elopio to start a topic on the hub about guerrilla marketing
    • Diversity and inclusion call - @elopio
  • Update on community donations report.
    • No progress
    • [ACTION] @Wimpress and @popey to catch up on the community donations reports
  • Replacement for @aaronhoneycutt, status of @marcoceppi.
    • [DECISION] because @elopio didn’t notify clearly about the requirement to attend the meetings, we will reset the counter.
    • Wait to see if we need more replacements before deciding what to do with @aaronhoneycutt’s seat.
    • [ACTION] @wxl will notify all the CC members about this
  • Rejoining process for membership.
    • The cc looked it over and the general consensus is positive.

Full meeting log:


Not a lot of time for people to put things forward :wink:

Update on my previous about donations reports. I’ll at least be in channel today …

Yes, sorry. I imagined I did this last week, and just yesterday I realized I had not.

I lol at lot at that one :smiley:

Please also add an item to find a replacement for @aaronhoneycutt as he appears to have stepped down.

I’ll bring mine up another day when you’re prepared to run a meeting.

Feel free to make a post about it in this category.

No thanks - I mailed you.

Oh let’s talk about the proposed rejoining process for membership.