Community Council meeting: 20180405

The first meeting of April of the Ubuntu Community Council took place on Thursday April 5th 2018 at 1700 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode.








  • Progress from last meeting
    • Bold bug triaging - @jose
      • @elopio tried to contact the user through launchpad with no reply.
      • @jose was going to contact the launchpad admins, he’s not in the meeting to report an update.
      • [ACTION] @Wimpress will sync with @jose and contact the launchpad admins if he has not done it yet.
    • Triage CoC bug - all CC.
      • We have not done it, same [ACTION] for next meeting.
      • Decide if the fix is to rephrase the CoC, add info to the process page, or add an FAQ.
    • Clearly define governance seats, terms, and quorum - @elacheche
      • No progress, same [ACTION] for next meeting.
    • Bootstrap new, official, Ubuntu flavours - @Wimpress
      • Possible flavours: Liri, Cinnamon, way-cooler, i3, awesomewm, Enlightenment, plex, Sway, Pop!_OS
      • [ACTION] @Wimpress contact the liri and enlightenment community, to start with those two.
    • Ubuntu guerrilla marketing campaign - @Wimpress
      • [ACTION] @Wimpress make a post on the hub about the guerrilla marketing campaign.
    • Review the CC wiki pages - @elopio
      • All of the pages that have not been migrated to the hub where about past meetings.
      • No need to migrate them at all.
      • Side-project for @elopio, dig through the history of the CC to surface interesting information. For example, all the members of all the past CCs, and their biggest achievements.
  • Ubuntu website design change coming.
  • Community donation reports - @flocculant
    • @popey and @Wimpress recently got access to the data.
    • There’s over a year since the last report, so a lot to catch up.
    • [ACTION] @popey and @Wimpress will catch up with the unreported community donations, ETA the week after the release.
  • Set a date to review all our previous actions - @elacheche.
    • review our old tasks and see if they are done, in progress, blocked because of people
    • we will do the review after 4 meetings
    • the next meeting will be the review of march and april actions.
    • Discuss the private ones in the mailing list.
    • [ACTION] @elacheche to collect the actions for march and april, to be discussed on next meeting.
    • [ACTION] @elacheche, @Wimpress: figure out how to do a private backlog on the hub or on launchpad
  • Outdated translations workflows - @elopio
    • [ACTION] @elopio talk to the translations coordinators and the launchpad team to join the discussion on the hub.

Full meeting log:


Updating the community donation reports.

Reporting same back quarterly.


Sorry - was tied up elsewhere doing some Final Beta stuff and by the time I remembered it was 18:13 UTC :frowning:

Edit - read the logs - thanks @Wimpress and @popey for doing it sometime in the nearish future :smiley: