Community Council meeting: 20180301

The first meeting of March of the Ubuntu Community Council took place on Thursday 1st March 2018 at 1700 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode.









  • Progress from last meeting:
    • @elacheche collected the list of community council resources: Not analyzed yet
      • action: @elopio to review the 70 wiki pages.
    • We didn’t apply to google summer of code.
      • Maybe apply next year together with debian?we will look for a replacement for whoever is absent to the community council meeting 3 times during their term.
  • Discussion about community council meetings:
    • The rotation of the organization of the meeting didn’t work very well.
      • action: @elopio will lead the meetings, unless somebody else wants to take the role.
    • We have a big issue to get everybody from the council to show up.
      • decision: we will look for a replacement for whoever is absent to the community council meeting 3 times during their term, without notifying us before the meeting.
  • We should write what it means to be on the council and what are the expected amount of work from the members.

Full meeting log:


I am going to attend the meeting :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t we be replying if we can’t attend? (I will be there, btw)

In the past, I haven’t been able to know if no reply means there’s nothing to add, or if it’s that you didn’t get the notification. I would like to try with an explicit ack, to know who I should ping with reminders and who I should ping to take a look at the post.

Can someone raise the possibility of using Adwaita in unity 8 colours (Adw8u) as an easily maintained replacement for Ambiance in 18.04 . There has some been some very nice work done .

My only suggesttion would be to discuss whether pre-installing TLP and or powertop would be an option for you.
Or add a toggle switch in the settings app which let’s you install those two packages if you wish to
“Install power saving packages” on/off

Many people use notebooks nowadays and I have not yet met any of “our” notebooks here, who did not run longer and more silent after installing those two packages.

Best regards

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Hey @jasonflindt and @frederik-f, thanks for your comments. However, these meetings are not technical, they are community related.

Your suggestions sound good to me, so why don’t you open topics for them on ?

I should be there. Until then…

I’ll be there, chat later.

Please see


@elopio since you’re leading the next meeting, I wanted to put this down before I forget: make sure to look at the last agenda. There are several items here that I think are particularly important, but to draw specifically to ones I added that I’d like to discuss at the next meeting (please add to agenda):

  • Review, triage, and fix Code of Conduct bugs (or set a time to do it). We got GCI students to make most of them, so let’s not lose that momentum! It’s likely that at least some of the students are still willing to contribute even though GCI is still over, so if there are questions, again, sooner than later is best.
  • Clearly define governance seats, terms, and quorum. This affects us, but I’m mostly thinking of the Membership Board and the LoCo Council. It’s a common question of how many folks are supposed to be on this or that board and even more common question as to what exactly constitutes quorum. Many times, lack of quorum or the uncertainty of what it is results in decisions not being made.

This was posted after the start of the meeting so if the topic’s going to be debated at a cc meeting it’ll have to be discussed at the next one (assuming they didn’t pick up on it half-way through this one)?

not worried - just trying to get the CC’s attention …

Just as hard as it has been for the last 2 years to do that, even though they’re apparently wanting to use this place

Personally I’d expect them to check threads in the CC section when something is new in there - seems not

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We are here. It’s not hard to talk to us, it’s just not super fast :slight_smile: