Community Council meeting: 20171207


First meeting of December of the community council.
December 7th, 2017 at 17:00UTC3 in #ubuntu-meeting on





  • aaronhoneycutt
  • elopio
  • elacheche
  • jose
  • wxl



  • kilos
  • pavelsayekat
  • popey



Update of the action items from the previous meeting

  • popey and elacheche to start a discussion about the wiki
  • UCADay
    • ACTION: Plan and list global events for the 2018 Q1, aaronhoneycutt will make a draft about a “monthly community member” event
  • wxl to announce the new loco council and help with the transition.
    • ‘‘ACTION:’’ Contact LC after their 1st meeting and ask if we can help on something, ask wxl to send an update on the transition to the hub.
  • @Wimpress (aka flexiondotorg ) to investigate about publishing the community council RSS from the hub to the planet.
    • ACTION:’ flexiondotorg will share updates about “publishing the community council RSS from the hub to the planet.” in a HUB topic
  • elopio to make a proposal for multi-language in the hub.

Google Code-in updates

  • ACTION: Promote the google code-in event to the public, and recommend community members to join as mentors

Deal with the CC ML spams

  • ACTION: jose will investigate why old CC opened the ML for everyone

Create a private HUB category for CC to use instead of ML

  • ACTION: @Wimpress (aka flexiondotorg) will investigate how the hub might work so we should check in with him on that

Create a list of CC ressources and make clear the usage of each

  • ACTION: elacheche will investigate CC ressources (ML,IRC, HUB, Trello, Wiki, etc) and list them all in one place (HUB or/and wiki page), can use as reference.
  • ACTION: Once the list is ready we need to add an agenda item to discuss the value of each of them
  • ACTION: investigate how to apply to GSoc (deadline Jan 4th, 2018)
  • ACTION: add to next meeting agenda, vote on January meeting chair

Full meeting log: