Community Council meeting: 20171116


Second meeting of November of the community council.
November 16nd, 2017 at 17:00UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on


english/ We have translations ready for: -. More translators wanted!






  • Progress from last meeting:
    • @popey has not started a thread about wiki migration on the hub, still on to-do.
    • @wxl and @elopio started the loco council election. We will end the voting and announce the new council tomorrow.
    • absent community council members: @marcoceppi said he was too busy traveling and @jose said he was too busy with work.
    • @Wimpress starting a draft for the marketing guerrilla campaing, needs to finish it.
  • Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day:
    • Promote it in social media, use the #ucaday tag.
    • Get it published on the message of the day.
  • Start the discussion about the wiki:
    • @elacheche will find people to get involved in the discussion.
  • Loco Council transition:
    • @wxl will help the new team and make the announcement.
  • Community council posts in the planet:
    • @Wimpress will investigate if it’s possible to syndicate an RSS from the hub.
  • Translations in the hub:
    • @elopio will update the posts to use full language names, and make proposal for multilanguage.

Full meeting log:

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Can people from outside de CC attend the meeting too? Was considering joining today’s and I think I might be online in the next one :+1:

Yes, anybody can attend. If you have a topic you would like us to discuss that day, please let us know to add it to the agenda.

Thank you! I will suggest any topic if anything comes up :+1: