Community Council meeting: 20171102


First meeting of November of the community council.
November 2nd, 2017 at 17:00UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on


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  • LoCo Council election.
    • This is the most urgent thing to do. We now have the candidates ready for the election. But we don’t know how to make the election.
    • ACTION: @wxl learn how to set up the LoCo council election poll
    • ACTION: @elopio keep pinging people who have previously done an election in the ubuntu community
  • Report on the first Ubuntu Hour on Ubuntu on air.
    • The good thing was that more people than we expected attended the call. The bad thing was that the call hangout has a limit of 10 people, so a few were left out.
    • We want to organize two every month, one in American time zone and one in European time zone. We will make adjustments as we go.
    • ACTION: @elopio and @wxl will organize an ubuntu hour the fourth friday of each month.
  • Bootstrap new, official, Ubuntu flavours.
    • Creating a flavour attracts developers, who become ideal candidates for Ubuntu Membership. More developers means more testing, more eyes on a code and higher quality releases.
    • Potential flavours could be Ubuntu Unity, Ubuntu Cinnamon, Ubuntu Kodi, Ubuntu Liri, etc.
    • ACTION: @Wimpress will organize the work to bootstrap new flavours
  • Ubuntu guerrilla marketing campaign.
    • Leverage the community to create some art assets that can be easily translated.
    • Leverage the LoCo’s to use these assets to promote Ubuntu in interesting and fun ways.
    • ACTION: everybody from the CC to find artists to help create freely reusable assets.
    • ACTION: @Wimpress will start a topic on the hub for guerrilla marketing
  • Engage the Documentation Team and other stakeholders on the Future Of The Wiki.
    • Identify stakeholders
    • Set a future date for stakeholders to agree on a set of goals.
    • ACTION: @popey will start a topic on the hub about what to do with the wiki
    • ACTION: somebody from the CC to get in touch with the wiki stakeholders.
  • Google code-in.
    • Our top priority for this month.
    • We have one month to find mentors, and get them to fill tasks.
    • ACTION: @elopio will convince all the CC to be mentors.
      ACTION: everybody from the CC will help to find mentors
  • @marcoceppi and @jose missing in action


  • Elección del Consejo de LoCo.
    • Esto es lo más urgente por hacer. Ya tenemos candidatos y candidatas listas para la elección. Pero no sabemos cómo realizar la elección.
    • ACCIÓN: @wxl va a aprender cómo configurar la votación para la elección del consejo LoCO
    • ACCIÓN: @elopio va a seguir buscando personas que antes han hecho una elección en la comunidad de ubuntu
  • Reporte sobre la primera Hora de Ubuntu en Ubuntu al aire
    • Lo bueno es que más personas de las que esperabamos se unieron a la llamada. Lo malo es que la llamada en hangout tiene un límite de 10 personas, entonces algunas personas se quedaron fuera.
    • Queremos organizar dos cada mes, una en la zona horaria de América y otra en la de Europa. Vamos a hacer ajustes de camino.
    • ACTION: @elopio y @wxl van a organizar una hora de ubuntu el cuarto viernes de cada mes.
  • Ayudar a iniciar nuevos, oficiales, sabores de Ubuntu
    • Crear un sabor atrae personas desarrolladoras, que se convierten en candidatas ideales para Membresía de Ubuntu. Más desarrolladores significa más pruebas, más ojos en el código y versiones publicadas con más calidad.
    • Sabores potenciales podrían ser Ubuntu Unity, Ubuntu Cinnamon, Ubuntu Kodi, Ubuntu Liri, etc.
    • ACCIÓN: @Wimpress va a organizar el trabajo para ayudar a iniciar nuevos sabores
  • Campaña de mercadeo de guerrilla de Ubuntu guerrilla
    • Aprovechar la comunidad para crear algunos recursos de arte que puedan ser fácilmente traducidos.
    • Aprovechar los LoCos para usar estos recursos para promover Ubuntu de formas interesantes.
    • ACCIÓN: todos en el CC van a buscar artistas que ayuden a crear recursos que se pueda reutilizar de forma libre
    • ACCIÓN: @Wimpress va a iniciar un tema en el hub sobre mercadeo de guerrilla
  • Trabajar con el Equipo de Documentación y con otras involucrados en el futuro del wiki
    • ACCIÓN @popey va a iniciar un tema en el hub sobre qué hacer con el wiki
    • ACCIÓN: alguien del CC se pondrá en contacto con las personas involucradas en el wiki.
  • Google code-in
    • Nuestra principal prioridad este mes.
    • Tenemos un mes para encontrar mentores, y hacer que llenen tareas.
    • ACCIÓN: @elopio va a convencer a todo el CC de que sean mentores.
      ACCIÓN: todos en el CC van a ayudar a encontrar mentores
  • @marcoceppi y @jose perdidos en acción
    • ACCIÓN: @elopio va a hablar con marcoceppi y jose para ver por qué no han estado participando en estas reuniones.

Full meeting log:



Can I suggest Voice Assistant ?

Sure you can!

But you need to put more details on your suggestion, because I’m not understanding. Are you suggesting us to use a voice assistant during the meeting?

Something like Cortana for Ubuntu. I am guessing you guys are a top Ubuntu team who are taking ideas into shaping Ubuntu. :thinking::face_with_monocle:

The Community Council doesn’t work directly on technical projects. We promote community activities.
You can read more about it here:

I was about to suggest you to propose that topic on the Desktop category of this hub, but I see you already have a post about voice commands. If you have any idea of something we can do on the council to help there, please let us know. Otherwise, we, the community and the devs can keep discussing about it on your post.

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I brought up this idea on another thread in the desktop section. But it was termed as support. I am from India. My state is all Ubuntu. Schools, govt offices, everything. The issue they face is internet and bandwidth. Also, most of the people are technically incapable of upgrading Ubuntu from whatever version they have on their PC. I was trying to suggest a one-click upgrade, at least through LTS versions.

Something like, I give them an 18.04 DVD, they insert it, and it says " upgrade to 18.04 ". People in those offices cannot do anything more than that. People here are all Windows, even at home. Their knowledge of Ubuntu is less than zero. That is why I bring up this suggestion.

To summarize, " One-click upgrade for technically deficient users " is my suggestion. Thanks.

maybe report on what you all intend to do to re-engage with existing teams in the ubuntusphere

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Maybe: Engage the Documentation Team and other stakeholders on the Future Of The Wiki.

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Set a future date for stakeholders to agree on a set of goals.

@elopio @wxl @aaronhoneycutt @elacheche @marcoceppi I’ve added a couple of topics to the agenda

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When you get the live usb, you can use it to upgrade the system offline. It’s not a one-click, but it’s not hard. Do you have any feedback from people using the ubuntu images to upgrade?

I think your suggestions will be very valuable for the people working on the ubiquity project, the Ubuntu installer. Maybe they can make the upgrade process more obvious, in less steps.

But again, that’s a technical topic, better discussed with the right technical teams in the other categories of this hub.

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I use to provide support services for people who use computers. Both for Windows and Ubuntu. In that sense, I was the external source they sought help from.

Interesting thing is, they do not know that they are using 11.10 or something. For them, it’s Ubuntu, that’s all. They don’t know any further. There are a lot of systems managed by either a primary school teacher with basic Ubuntu familiarization or some support staff who like to try things. I was trying to suggest an Android phone update like notification, but again, most of these PCs are not connected to the internet.

I think you get a notification, but for too long I’ve been on the development release so I haven’t seen it recently. People from the desktop team can confirm.

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Normally, I get notification only for an LTS release. Computers in school might get internet access. But, I am sure that bandwidth and speed are not great. Even if they tried to upgrade, due to poor connection speed or bandwidth limit, it may not go through. It would have been great to have an " Insert DVD " option to click on with the upgrade notice. Also stating that you can download the DVD from here.

Since Ubuntu follows a structured release cycle ( April, October ), it will be possible to prompt for an upgrade even without an internet connection with the suggestion to get a DVD. Another easy way to tell them is an " Upgrade " option in " System Settings ". If we get a " check for updates " through " Settings ", it will be very easy for people to try an upgrade and stay with the latest release.

Ok everybody, the summary for this last meeting is ready, in the top of this thread. Please let us know what do you think. And if you want to discuss with us another topic, please propose it to the next meeting’s agenda: