Community contributions to the documentation 📝

Behind great rocks there’s great documentation!

A big part of our efforts revolves around fostering a strong and vibrant community behind rocks that follows the footsteps of our beloved Ubuntu community! Our goal is to have an open platform where great minds can exchange knowledge and contribute, not only to our tooling and images portfolio but also to the underlying documentation that offers the necessary knowledge base for users to learn about rocks, and how to consume and produce them.

Documenting our work presents unique challenges, especially when building upon existing concepts. A notable example is Rockcraft, which is intricately connected to craft-parts, a shared foundation with other tools like Snapcraft and Charmcraft. These intertwined concepts can be hard to document while maintaining a fluid and intuitive learning experience for the reader.

Contributing to the documentation

Achieving excellent documentation involves a healthy engagement with the community and embracing all contributions with open arms.

We invite everyone to provide feedback and even propose changes to our documentation!

To facilitate your interaction with the documentation, we have curated a collection of materials and resources that will serve as helpful guides throughout the process:

Don’t hesitate to contribute, we value your input and suggestions!

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