Communication is an important aspect of any community, getting people together to discuss ideas, issues, and make progress is vital to building a network of people interested in Ubuntu. Here are some of the platforms that the Ubuntu community uses to keep in touch.


:warning: We are still in the initial testing phases for Matrix. Please be aware that the Matrix instance is still in heavy development. If you’d like to collaborate at a more stable location, please use IRC.

Matrix is a modern, secure and open source communications protocol that boasts a number of powerful features like federation, bridging and integrations. Users of Matrix can choose from a number of clients to connect to rooms and spaces across a globally federated network.

Learn how to join the conversations on the Ubuntu Matrix


IRC, also known as Internet Relay Chat, allows real-time text messaging and is arranged in a series of rooms or channels. Each channel has a particular topic where members can communicate with one another in an open setting. If you have a question or need assistance, the Ubuntu Community has a number of IRC channels you can join.

Visit the IRC Channel List for a catalog of the Ubuntu Community channels.

If you’ve never used IRC before, check out the IRC Introduction.