Come contribute to Ubuntu-pt

The Centro Linux (obviously: Linux Centre) is organizing a contribution session for Ubuntu-pt on its monthly event.

The event agenda will be composed of:

  1. short community members demonstrations and presentations;
  2. group development of the new Ubuntu-pt web site (this includes teaching all that is necessary to those who request it).
  3. introduction to the Open Documentation Academy

There will also be multiple social moments through the day.

Further details and registrations on the event page.


  1. What’s Centro Linux?
    It’s an initiative created by Ubuntu-pt, to promote knowledge sharing within the Portuguese Linux and Free Software community, by meeting in a physical space and promoting practice.

  2. Is there any cost?
    All Centro Linux activities, are free of charge, but they require you to go there, and can last most of the day, so transportation and food might be costs each participant will have to support on his/her own.
    We also accept donations to help support the makerspace where Centro Linux is hosted (they don’t charge Centro Linux any fee).

  3. Why is there mandatory registrations?
    The makerspace as safety requirements, and we also want events to not be overcrowded, as that will impact the possibility to participate with acceptable degree comfort.

  4. Where can I go to register?
    Go to the event page on Centro Linux website, it as all the details and link for registration.

  5. Everything on the Centro Linux is in Portuguese, is speaking Portuguese a requirement for participating?
    It’s not, many of us also speak English and will try to accommodate for English speakers, but we are mostly equipped to handle things in Portuguese.

  6. Where is Centro Linux?
    It’s in Lisbon, Portugal, more details on the location, and how to get there are available here.