Color settings on Ubuntu


For a couple of weeks I was trying to fix the screen saturation of my display and I realized that I couldn’t find the right color profile fo it. So I started to look for a way of manually change the color saturation, contrast, etc. But unfortunatelly I haven’t found any kind of tool. I actually found a command line tool called xgamma that is not actually useful.

On Ubuntu color settings panel I have no option to do so. I want to propose to insert these options on that colors tab on Ubuntu Settings. I created a version of what it could look like if this suggestion was implemented:

When the option to choose a color profile is active we can load a color profile that is already installed on the system. This is what we already have when we go to the “color” tab on Ubuntu Settings panel.

I want to propose the inclusion of the “Color Management” option. When this option is active we can edit the brightness, saturation and contrast values, in order to get the best settings for displays that can’t be identified or displays that we can’t find the right ICC profile for.

The “Brightness” option is currently available on the power settings. It can still be there or can be moved to this same panel. There’s also the option to keep the brightness option only on the power settings tab. I understand that that’s probably a function that can be more related to battery saving.

Link for the Figma file: (I think anyone with the link can view the file and navigate through it, but feel free to fork it and improve my suggestion)

Thanks for the attention. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the input. The main place you should put this suggestion is to the developers in a new issue here.

Also, just in case you are experiencing this bug, please try its workaround.

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Thank you, @vanvugt

I am going to suggest to the Gnome developers!