Cloud-init Status 12/01/20

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The purpose of this communication is to provide a status update and
highlights for any interesting subjects from cloud-init upstream. If
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Cloud-init StableReleaseUpdate(SRU) verification has begun for version 20.4. We track this effort in an SRU process for cloud-init release of 20.4 into Xenial, Bionic and Groovy. Details of the overall verification progress will be represented in the public SRU cloud-init 20.4 trello board.

The SRU effort generally takes > 1 week as the team validates any significant feature change or bug fix that affects stable Ubuntu releases. To reduce the cost of such verification, we are extending the cloud-init’s ./tests/integration_tests to cover each bug and feature verification.

We encourage anyone in the community interested in SRU involvement to participate in one of two ways:

  1. Test cloud-init upgrades manually on your cloud-of-choice and report results for that cloud on our SRU process bug for 20.4
  2. Try writing a new tests/integration_test to verify one of the cloud-init bugs or features included in the 20.4 SRU

To avoid duplication of work, when a developer owns an integration_test item, they assign their trello avatar to the specific entry in the “tests we can write” checklist. We welcome any participation here and we will certainly help folks in developing these tests to expedite the verification of cloud-init.


  • Adding BOOTPROTO = dhcp to render sysconfig dhcp6 stateful on RHEL
    (#685) [Eduardo Otubo]
  • Delete image snapshots created for integration tests (#682)
    [James Falcon]
  • Parametrize ssh_keys_provided integration test (#700) [lucasmoura]
  • Drop use_sudo attribute on IntegrationInstance (#694) [lucasmoura]
  • cc_apt_configure: add riscv64 as a ports arch (#687)
    [Dimitri John Ledkov]
  • cla: add xnox (#692) [Dimitri John Ledkov]
  • Collect logs from integration test runs (#675) [James Falcon]
  • Release 20.4 (#686) [James Falcon]
  • tox: avoid tox testenv subsvars for xenial support (#684) [Chad Smith]
  • Ensure proper root permissions in integration tests (#664) [James Falcon]
  • LXD VM support in integration tests (#678) [James Falcon]
  • Integration test for fallocate falling back to dd (#681) [James Falcon]
  • .travis.yml: correctly integration test the built .deb (#683)
    [Daniel Watkins]
  • Ability to hot-attach NICs to preprovisioned VMs before reprovisioning
    (#613) [aswinrajamannar]
  • Support configuring SSH host certificates. (#660) [Jonathan Lung]
  • add integration test for LP: #1900837 (#679) [Daniel Watkins]
  • cc_resizefs on FreeBSD: Fix _can_skip_ufs_resize (#655) [Mina Galić]
  • DataSourceAzure: push dmesg log to KVP (#670) [Anh Vo]
  • Make mount in place for tests work (#667) [James Falcon]
  • integration_tests: restore emission of settings to log (#657)
    [Daniel Watkins]
  • DataSourceAzure: update password for defuser if exists (#671) [Anh Vo]
  • tox.ini: only select “ci” marked tests for CI runs (#677)
    [Daniel Watkins]
  • Azure helper: Increase Azure Endpoint HTTP retries (#619) [Johnson Shi]
  • DataSourceAzure: send failure signal on Azure datasource failure (#594)
    [Johnson Shi]
  • test_persistence: simplify VersionIsPoppedFromState (#674)
    [Daniel Watkins]
  • only run a subset of integration tests in CI (#672) [Daniel Watkins]
  • cli: add --system param to allow validating system user-data on a
    machine (#575) [Chad Smith]


  • Run lxc commands as non root by default (#56) [lucasmoura]
  • Update travis to run cloudinit test with daily ppa [Lucas Moura]
  • Bump paramiko version [James Falcon]
  • Remove support for multipass VMs [Paride Legovini]
  • Make _build_necessary_profiles part of the public LXD API [James Falcon]
  • Update (remove done entries) [Paride Legovini]
  • Correctly ignore LXD VM errors [James Falcon]
  • Update LXD abstraction [Lucas Moura]
  • Keep running lxd commands as sudo [Lucas Moura]
  • Add travis file [Lucas Moura]
  • Split LXD containers and vm into distinct classes [Lucas Moura]
  • Only use images remote for xenial vm images [Lucas Moura]
  • Fix launch of LXD instances with no name [Lucas Moura]
  • Add key type to ssh keys generated by paramiko [Lucas Moura]
  • Fix LXD image_serial for vms [Lucas Moura]

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