Cloud-init Status - 10/06/2020

Cloud-init Status 10-06-2020

The purpose of this communication is to provide asynchronous status updates to
the cloud-init comminity. It highlights for any interesting topics of ongoing
upstream cloud-init development.
If you would like to reach the server team, you can find us at
the #cloud-init channel on Freenode. Alternatively, you can sign up
and use the Ubuntu Server Team mailing list or visit the
Ubuntu Server discourse hub for more discussion.


The first virtual Cloud-init summit was held Sept 23 and 24 which drew
participants from Azure, Amazon, Canonical, CISCO, FreeBSD, Microsoft and
RedHat. Thank you all for attending, discussing and contributing to the future
of cloud-init.

For a high-level view of the schedule and talks, see Cloud-init Summit Schedule


Upstream is currently working on the following topics:

  • refine the new integration test framework: tox -e integration-tests
  • networking-refactor
  • integration testing of stable-19.4 release

Below are the recent changes committed to the master branch of cloud-init

  • 5bf287f4 integration_tests: don’t error on cloud-init failure (#596)
  • efa4d5be integration_tests: improve cloud-init.log assertions (#593)
  • 5435205d remove top-level import of httpretty (#599)
  • b4f1abf9 tox.ini: add integration-tests testenv definition (#595)
  • 63313335 empty checkboxes need a space (#597)
  • 11fa714f add integration test for LP: #1886531 (#592)
  • 82ffc532 Initial implementation of integration testing infrastructure (#581)
  • 33c6d5cd #1897915 Fix name of ntp and chrony service on CentOS and RHEL. (#589)
  • 25eeaac0 Adding a PR template (#587)
  • 43164902 Azure parse_network_config uses fallback cfg when generate IMDS network cfg fails (#549)
  • 53465092 features: refresh docs for easier out-of-context reading (#582)
  • 9d9f4f32 Fix typo in resolv_conf module’s description (#578)
  • d2e1b315 cc_users_groups: minor doc formatting fix (#577)
  • 09a0dfb1 Fix typo in disk_setup module’s description (#579)
  • 6b5c306b Add vendor-data support to seedfrom parameter for NoCloud and OVF (#570)
  • 5fc34d81 #1888858 boot.rst: add First Boot Determination section (#568)
  • a87ccadc opennebula.rst: minor readability improvements (#573)
  • 22220e20 cloudinit: remove unused LOG variables (#574)
  • 6d332e5c create a shutdown_command method in distro classes (#567)
  • 839016e3 user_data: remove unused constant (#566)
  • 8439b191 #1788915 #1826608 network: Fix type and respect name when rendering vlan in sysconfig. (#541)
  • e56b5545 Retrieve SSH keys from IMDS first with OVF as a fallback (#509)
  • 987f89ef Add jqueuniet as contributor (#569)
  • 2a95dfb5 distros: minor typo fix (#562)


Below are the recent changes committed to the master branch of pycloudlib for cloud-init integration test support.

  • e6b2b373 BaseInstance: add raise_on_cloudinit_failure parameter to wait()
  • bb553cd0 instance: add --long to cloud-init status --wait call
  • 831551d4 instance: refactor BaseInstance.wait
  • 1100d73b instance: refactor _wait_for_system to reduce shell script complexity
  • 9c7b3c1a pycloudlib: use PEP-508 format to specify simplestreams dependency
  • a00808bb instance: allow KVM/LXD commands to exit non-zero
  • c0c6762d .pylintrc: add C0122 to disable= list
  • fcf6268d Gce instance (#27)
  • 47b30b03 Make Azure snapshot consistent with the base API
  • 1a1b5cc8 trusty: fix instance wait_for_system

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