Cloud-init status 03/09/2021

Hello cloud-init

The purpose of this communication is to provide a status update and
highlights for any interesting subjects from cloud-init upstream. If
you would like to reach the server team, you can find us at
the #cloud-init channel on Freenode. Alternatively, you can sign up
and use the cloud-init mailing list
cloud-init discourse hub for more


Canonical is working to start an SRU release of cloud-init 21.1 from tip of master into Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04, 20.10 and 21.04 within the next week. Expect an email to the mailing list to notifying the cloud-init community of this SRU effort. When the SRU bits are uploaded into Ubuntu’s -proposed pockets, anyone help would be appreciated manually testing on your favorite cloud. Details will come to the cloud-init mailinglist.


  • Fix requiring device-number on EC2 derivatives (#836) (LP: #1917875)
  • Remove the vi comment from the part-handler example (#835)
  • net: exclude OVS internal interfaces in get_interfaces (#829)
    (LP: #1912844)
  • tox.ini: pass OS_* environment variables to integration tests (#830)
  • integration_tests: add OpenStack as a platform (#804)
  • Add flexibility to IMDS api-version (#793) [Thomas Stringer]
  • Fix the TestApt tests using apt-key on Xenial and Hirsute (#823)
    [Paride Legovini] (LP: #1916629)
  • doc: remove duplicate “it” from nocloud.rst (#825) [V.I. Wood]
  • archlinux: Use hostnamectl to set the transient hostname (#797)
    [Kristian Klausen]
  • Add documentation for recently added config key
    (#824) [dermotbradley]


  • Add banner timeout for paramiko connect
  • openstack: fix pylint issues
  • openstack: add
  • doc: update recommonmark configuration
  • Improve checking if LXD profile already exists
  • Update naming convention for LXD vm profiles (GH: #65)
  • Initial openstack support (#113)

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