Cloud-init status - 02/23/2021

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The purpose of this communication is to provide a status update and
highlights for any interesting subjects from cloud-init upstream. If
you would like to reach the server team, you can find us at
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Cloud-init upstream just cut the 21.1 upstream release. The release showcases the following features:

  • New datasource for UpCloud
  • Introduced support for reading Openstack dynamic vendor0-data
  • Add support for VMWare’s raw data feature
  • Add support for Azure VMs without ephemeral resource disks

This release has been uploaded to Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute) and the plan is to
SRU this release, plus some OVS support to Ubuntu Xenial, Bionic, Focal and
Groovy in the next week or two.


  • Update cc_set_hostname documentation (#818) [Toshi Aoyama]
  • Release 21.1 (#820) (LP: #1916540)
  • Azure: Support for VMs without ephemeral resource disks. (#800)
    [Johnson Shi] (LP: #1901011)
  • cc_keys_to_console: add option to disable key emission (#811)
    [Michael Hudson-Doyle] (LP: #1915460)
  • integration_tests: introduce lxd_use_exec mark (#802)
  • azure: case-insensitive UUID to avoid new IID during kernel upgrade
    (#798) (LP: #1835584)
  • stale.yml: don’t ask submitters to reopen PRs (#816)
  • integration_tests: fix use of SSH agent within tox (#815)
  • integration_tests: add UPGRADE CloudInitSource (#812)
  • integration_tests: use unique MAC addresses for tests (#813)
  • Update .gitignore (#814)
  • Port apt cloud_tests to integration tests (#808)
  • integration_tests: fix test_gh626 on LXD VMs (#809)
  • Fix attempting to decode binary data in test_seed_random_data test (#806)
  • Remove wait argument from tests with session_cloud calls (#805)
  • Datasource for UpCloud (#743) [Antti Myyrä]
  • test_gh668: fix failure on LXD VMs (#801)
  • openstack: read the dynamic metadata group vendor_data2.json (#777)
    [Andrew Bogott] (LP: #1841104)
  • includedir in suoders can be prefixed by “arroba” (#783)
    [Jordi Massaguer Pla]
  • Merge upstream/20.4.1 into master
  • [VMware] change default max wait time to 15s (#774) [xiaofengw-vmware]
  • Revert integration test associated with reverted #586 (#784)
  • Add jordimassaguerpla as contributor (#787) [Jordi Massaguer Pla]
  • Add Rick Harding to CLA signers (#792) [Rick Harding]
  • HACKING.rst: add clarifying note to LP CLA process section (#789)
  • Stop linting cloud_tests (#791)
  • cloud-tests: update cryptography requirement (#790) [Joshua Powers]


  • Support ‘instance_type’ for Azure instances
  • Update .gitignore
  • Update lxc-setup script on lxd vm instances
  • lxd/instance: retry more frequently in .ip
  • instance: retry more frequently in _wait_for_execute
  • instance: retry more frequently in _ssh_connect
  • instance: only retry for 10 minutes in _ssh_connect
  • lxd: pass SSH keys as meta-data (GH: #98)
  • lxd/instance: use SSH by default, allow switching to exec (GH: #112)
  • test_instance: move LXD-only test to LXD-specific test path
  • oci/gce: only perform cloud-native wait in launch if wait=True
  • oci: fix API call broken in oci 2.18.0 (GH: #106)
  • oci: align launch’s wait behaviour with other clouds
  • gce: actually wait when wait=True is passed to launch (GH: #104)
  • gce: ignore ConnectionResetError in _wait_for_operation

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