Cloud-init status 01/12/2021

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Cloud-init SRU 20.4 was complete and released 01/04/2021. A regression was found in Azure launches with auto-generated ssh keys LP: #1910835. Both Canonical and Azure have landed a fix in cloud-init and SRU verification is ongoing today. Expectations will be that this 20.4 will be released ASAP this week into Ubuntu Xenial, Bionic, Focal and Groovy. Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute) already has this fix.


  • archlinux: fix package upgrade command handling (#768) [Bao Trinh]
  • integration_tests: add integration test for LP: #1910835 (#761)
  • Fix regression with handling of IMDS ssh keys (#760) [Thomas Stringer]
  • integration_tests: log cloud-init version in SUT (#758)
  • Add ajmyyra as contributor (#742) [Antti Myyrä]
  • net_convert: add some missing help text (#755)
  • Missing IPV6_AUTOCONF=no to render sysconfig dhcp6 stateful on RHEL
    (#753) [Eduardo Otubo]
  • doc: document missing IPv6 subnet types (#744) [Antti Myyrä]
  • Add example configuration for datasource AliYun (#751) [Xiaoyu Zhong]
  • integration_tests: add SSH key selection settings (#754)
  • fix a typo in man page cloud-init.1 (#752) [Amy Chen]
  • network-config-format-v2.rst: add Netplan Passthrough section (#750)
  • stale: re-enable post holidays (#749)
  • integration_tests: port ca_certs tests from cloud_tests (#732)
  • Azure: Add telemetry for poll IMDS (#741) [Johnson Shi]
  • doc: move testing section from HACKING to its own doc (#739)
  • No longer allow integration test failures on travis (#738)
  • stale: fix error in definition (#740)
  • integration_tests: set log-cli-level to INFO by default (#737)
  • use backticks around commit message (#736)
  • stale: disable check for holiday break (#735)
  • integration_tests: log the path we collect logs into (#733)
  • .travis.yml: add (most) supported Python versions to CI (#734)
  • integration_tests: fix IN_PLACE CLOUD_INIT_SOURCE (#731)
  • cc_ca_certs: add RHEL support (#633) [cawamata]
  • Azure: only generate config for NICs with addresses (#709)
    [Thomas Stringer]
  • doc: fix CloudStack configuration example (#707) [Olivier Lemasle]
  • integration_tests: restrict test_lxd_bridge appropriately (#730)
  • Add integration tests for CLI functionality (#729)
  • Integration test for gh-626 (#728)
  • Some test_upgrade fixes (#726)
  • Ensure overriding test vars with env vars works for booleans (#727)
  • integration_tests: port lxd_bridge test from cloud_tests (#718)
  • Integration test for gh-632. (#725)
  • Integration test for gh-671 (#724)
  • integration-requirements.txt: bump pycloudlib commit (#723)
  • Drop unnecessary shebang from cmd/ (#722) [Eduardo Otubo]
  • Integration test for LP: #1813396 and #669 (#719)
  • integration_tests: include timestamp in log output (#720)
  • integration_tests: add test for LP: #1898997 (#713)
  • Add integration test for power_state_change module (#717)
  • Update documentation for network-config-format-v2 (#701) [ggiesen]
  • sandbox CA Cert tests to not require ca-certificates (#715)
    [Eduardo Otubo]
  • Add upgrade integration test (#693)
  • Integration test for 570 (#712)
  • Add ability to keep snapshotted images in integration tests (#711)
  • Integration test for pull #586 (#706)
  • integration_tests: introduce skipping of tests by OS (#702)
  • integration_tests: introduce IntegrationInstance.restart (#708)
  • Add lxd-vm to list of valid integration test platforms (#705)


  • Fix regex that extracts release from image id (#91) [lucasmoura]
  • azure: create_key_pair should strip CRLF from multi-line pub keys
    (GH: #88)
  • oci: use existing KeyPair helper
  • pycloudlib: remove BaseCloud.use_key duplication
  • .travis.yml: install distro-info for cloud-init tests
  • add Travis badge
  • instance: convert SSH key passphrase error to a warning
  • Make GCE cloud set environment variables
  • Allow GCE cloud to create ssh keys
  • Add groovy to azure
  • Some Azure updates
  • .travis.yml: run only cloud-init’s CI tests in pycloudlib CI
  • lxd/defaults: add entries for groovy and hirsute
  • lxd: only configure a config disk if installing the agent
  • lxd: use KVM images for VM launches where available
  • lxd/defaults: introduce _make_vm_profile helper
  • Add wait_for_stop implementations

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