Cloud-init bi-weekly status minutes: May 05, 2019

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  • #cloud-init: Cloud-init bi-weekly status, 28 May at 15:23 — 16:19 UTC

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The discussion about “Previous Actions” started at 15:27.

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The discussion about “Office hours (next ~30 mins)” started at 15:44.

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15:23 <blackboxsw> #startmeeting Cloud-init bi-weekly status

15:23 <meetingology> Meeting started Tue May 28 15:23:50 2019 UTC. The chair is blackboxsw. Information about MeetBot at

15:23 <meetingology>

15:23 <meetingology> Available commands: action commands idea info link nick

15:23 <blackboxsw> there we go

15:24 <blackboxsw> Hey folks, time for another bi-weekly cloud-init status. Welcome all!

15:25 <blackboxsw> Generally cloud-init upstream uses this meeting to provide a platform for status updates, raising questions or concerns and feature discussion. All are encouraged to participate as you see fit.

15:25 <blackboxsw> Generally the topics we would like to cover are the following: Previous Actions, Recent Changes, In-progress Development, Office Hours

15:26 <blackboxsw> without further ado let’s jump into it.

15:27 <blackboxsw> #topic Previous Actions

15:27 <blackboxsw> From our previous meeting minutes we had a couple of action items that I think are resolved

15:27 <blackboxsw> #link

15:28 * blackboxsw Odd_Bloke confirm correct status of

15:28 <ubot5> Launchpad bug 1801364 in cloud-init “persisting OpenStack metadata fails” [Undecided,Confirmed]

15:28 <blackboxsw> Dan confirmed that this is the proper bug status and still needs a fix

15:28 <blackboxsw> AnhVoMSFT: we had an action related to you “followup on recommended approach for getting kernel/userspace timestamp with or without python-dbus package dependency”

15:29 <blackboxsw> I know rharper had a comment or two in channel about this approach. Hopefully AnhVoMSFT you have everything you need there

15:29 <blackboxsw> if not, you can feel free to ping us for more discussion on that feature

15:30 <blackboxsw> #topic Recent changes

15:31 <blackboxsw> Big news since last bi-weekly status meeting is that we have completed and published 19.1.1 in an SRU into Ubuntu Xenial, Bionic, Cosmic and Disco as of yesterday.

15:31 <blackboxsw> Odd_Bloke: wrote up some content and email around this for more context. Thanks Odd_Bloke

15:32 <blackboxsw> #link

15:33 <blackboxsw> #link

15:38 <blackboxsw> beyond that we have the following upstream commits landed

15:39 <blackboxsw> d9b1e5de91…HEAD | log2dch

15:39 <blackboxsw> - freebsd: NoCloud data source support [Gonéri Le Bouder] (LP: #1645824)

15:39 <blackboxsw> - Azure: Return static fallback address as if failed to find endpoint

15:39 <blackboxsw> [Jason Zions (MSFT)]

15:39 <ubot5> Launchpad bug 1645824 in cloud-init “NoCloud source doesn’t work on FreeBSD” [Medium,Fix committed]

15:40 <blackboxsw> Thanks again Jason and Gonéri for the commits there. We have a few branches in the wings under review for freebsd and azure that I expect will be landing this week

15:41 <blackboxsw> #topic In-progress Development

15:42 <blackboxsw> #link

15:43 <blackboxsw> Our upcoming work is set and scheduled on this trello board above. As we grab new significant tasks and dev work for cloud-init we will pull those cards into the doing lane

15:44 <blackboxsw> #topic Office hours (next ~30 mins)

15:45 <blackboxsw> This topic is an opportunity for anyone to bring their bugs, features, questions or branches to get some extra eyes or discussion around current development.

15:47 <blackboxsw> It is also a slot of time where upstream developers will be spending some time reviewing active branches to unblock community members and help increase velocity of our review queue.

15:47 <blackboxsw> #link

15:48 * blackboxsw does as review pass on I’m grabbing an active review slot for this now

15:52 <akik> ls

15:52 <akik> sorry

16:03 <blackboxsw> yeah this looks good Goneri… approved

16:03 <blackboxsw> will merge in ~15

16:13 <blackboxsw> smoser: so sorry on the review delay here for the doc change you took over.

16:14 <blackboxsw> just approved with a nit if you are around to push that. if not, I’ll get that doc branch merged in tomorrow

16:16 <blackboxsw> I think that about wraps this status meeting this week. I think we should take an action to talk about we want to do with this old branch.

16:16 <blackboxsw> #link

16:16 <blackboxsw> #action blackboxsw discuss with the team about landing the branch

16:16 * meetingology blackboxsw discuss with the team about landing the branch

16:18 <blackboxsw> We’ll hold the next cloud-init status meeting on Monday 3/10

16:19 <blackboxsw> and I’ll post the status minutes up to momentarily

16:19 <blackboxsw> Thanks again. have a good one guys and gals.

16:19 <blackboxsw> #endmeeting

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