Cloud-init and Autoinstall on Ubuntu Server 21.10

I have autoinstall in my user-data file running on cloud-init with the nocloud-net data source.

Cloud-init runs but no matter what I have in my boot_command, the graphical installer also runs after cloud-int is finished.

I am relatively new to Ubuntu. I have been having challenges with the boot_command. I was wondering if there was any documentation on how to write a boot_command and how to troubleshoot it. I have been searching on the internet and lots of people have volunteered a boot_command . All of them are very different from each other, but none so far work on 21.10. So I am trying to find a process to write and troubleshoot the boot_command.

I’m in a pretty similar position, but from what I’ve found so far the “boot command” is just the GRUB command line

I’m having a bit more trouble with 21.10 then I was with 20.04, but I think they should be pretty similar at the GRUB level.