Cloud-init 19.2 Release

Hi Everyone!

As @chad.smith mentioned last week the 19.2 release was coming this week. It is now here!

The source tarball can be downloaded at . The Ubuntu development release Eoan will have 19.2 in a few days. For Centos users, the el-testing COPR repo has been updated.

19.2 release development details

  • spanned just over 2 months (May 9, 2019 to July 17, 2019)
  • had 14 contributors from 11 domains.
  • Fixed 10 issues.


  • FreeBSD enhancements
    • Added NoCloud datasource support.
    • Added growfs support for rootfs.
    • Updated tools/build-on-freebsd for python3
  • Arch distro added netplan rendering support.
  • cloud-init analyze reporting on boot events.

More details about the 19.2 release are in the full ChangeLog.
The next release of cloud-init will be 19.3, and is currently scheduled for October 2019.

Thank you from the cloud-init team to all contributors!