Chromium-mir-kiosk set timezone

Hi, I have installed chromium-mir-kiosk on ubuntu core. The chrome browser is not picking up the correct time zone from the host.

run date in the terminal will show AEDT. cat /etc/timezone show Australia/Sydney

But the browser is using GMT. What can I do?

you should really not use chromium-mir-kiosk … it was a test package that has never been released to the stable channel, is not supported and does not get any security maintenance.

if you want to set up a web kiosk try the snap instead, that is well maintained and gets regular updates.

Thank you. But my page won’t load with . Actually the page loads in a second the screen goes black. There are console errors but in chrome the page still works. I wonder why the console errors stop the page from loading. Also I have change the url to another address. My page will load on the page and switch to the new url.

Also wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk is running safari. I use to check. Is this correct?

its actually the other way around :wink:
if memory doesnt trick me, webkit was originally developed for KDE, then chosen by Apple for the iphone browser, that then became safari on the desktop later …

around that time chromium was also webkit based, google only decided later to develop blink as their own rendering engine (mainly to have full control over it i guess, to be able to develop chromeos on top of it without having to battle with upstreams)…

if you see console errors my guess would be you have some non portable javascript code in your page ? it definitely worked for all pages i have used it with in the past … there are some debug options described on: