Chromium hardware-accelerated build for Intel-based platforms available for beta testing

Thank you a lot for the additional help! I installed the Chrome extension, and play the same video - as a result, both the Video and VideoEnhance processes are now under load.


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Please, can you help me? Now I faced a strange problem. Looks like Ubuntu (I’m using 23.04 version) by default updated the Chromium browser from the latest/candidate/hwacc channel to stable one or other version.

I didn’t catch the notification, but I clear remember, that there was notification like: Close the Chromium browser, update is available, 13 days left or something like that.

I uploaded a screenshot from the About Chromium page. Version 115.0.5790.98 (Official Build) snap (64-bit) - it’s the same version?

Now, when playing any YouTube videos, both Video and VideoEnhance show 0% load. Overall, I’ve noticed that the CPU load and temperature have increased, similar to when I’m using Firefox before.

I also tried using the command:: snap refresh chromium --channel=latest/candidate/hwacc that gives me no result, it says: snap "chromium" has no updates available

Uff, I apologize. Your diagnose is accurate.

Those branches have an expiration time of 30 days (no way around that) and I forgot to bump this one to keep it alive.

This is fixed now.

That said, just as additional information, in the snap world you can always use snap revert {snap-name} when you detect that a refresh caused problems and you want to go back to the previously installed revision.

And also edge/hwacc is where development happens so it is “naturally” bumped from time to time so that problem doesn’t happen there.

Thank you, I understand. Although, I’m not a very technical user)

I installed back the browser using command: snap refresh chromium --channel=latest/candidate/hwacc, now everything works as it was previously.

I think this version of Chrome should be pushed to the stable branch as soon as possible. Many Intel users with low spec laptops will benefit a lot from this update, and I can confirm that!

Great, and thanks for the report!

Today I merged this version of Chromium into the edge channel, so the next edge version (i.e. > 116.0.5845.42) will have it enabled if all goes right.

Then it will be beta and only then stable.


If there is va-api support there must be very little work to just not blacklist AMD hardware…?

What do you mean with blacklist AMD hardware?

The official latest/edge channel has now x64 is in 117 and with hwacc merged.

If you saw my previous comment announcing this, it is now deleted as I had to revert it because of LP:2028653.

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I mean it’s libva and Linux DRM drivers… Is there any other reason why it’s not working on AMD than simply that it’s only been enabled for Intel now… ?

@ernstp: The original project was to get it working specifically on Intel hardware. AMD has not been disabled in any way, it’s just not been tested. If you have AMD hardware and think you have a VA-API driver that should work then please log a bug against that driver.

There doesn’t seem to be any independent driver for AMD that I can see:

$ apt depends va-driver-all 
 |Depends: i965-va-driver
  Depends: i965-va-driver-shaders
 |Depends: intel-media-va-driver
  Depends: intel-media-va-driver-non-free
  Depends: mesa-va-drivers

but maybe it will work on AMD hardware that matches one of these:

$ dpkg -L mesa-va-drivers 

Or if you want the latest drivers from AMD (which aren’t officially supported by Ubuntu so things may break) then try From what I understand, that’s where you’re most likely to find AMD hardware support for patent-encumbered video codecs.

AMD has had VA-API support in Mesa for a long time, on Ubuntu it’s:
mesa-va-drivers:amd64: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/

And it’s working well AFAICT, I’m using it in many other apps (Firefox needs a sandbox-related tweak right now).

@nteodosio, the chrome binary seems to contain string /snap/chromium/current/gnome-platform/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/ Is that right? If not then perhaps check on this patch.

Yes, @vanvugt.

@ernstp, where do you see it blacklisted?

I didn’t see it blacklisted, it was an early assumption.

I got the impression that Va-api had been enabled for Intel, hence AMD was still blacklisted/not whitelisted.

We should move this discussion elsewhere:

If your Firefox is a snap then please report a bug to Chromium.

If your Firefox is not a snap then please report a bug to the GNOME snap.

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hwacc is also now merged into the official latest/beta, isn’t it?

Thanks a lot for this!

Indeed it is!
We’ll have to wait a bit longer for stable because we want our automated tests migrated to it. is also in the way for Xorg users.

what is the recommended channel to be installing chromium from in order to get hardware acceleration on an intel-based platform?

You can use the beta channel, as stated here

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thank you for confirming (implicitly) that it’s not yet in candidate or stable.