Chrome in Ubuntu Software

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reading the blog from Rhys Davies (Rhys Davies | Ubuntu) about switching to Ubuntu from Windows 7 raised an important question.

Rhys Davies is taking about apps and the first app is Google Chrome. As we know, this app can not be found in Ubuntu Software. So the first thing a new user has to do (after backing up stuff, installing Ubuntu and get used to a whole new system…) is to download and install Chrome without the advertised Ubuntu Software - or at least he/she has to download it manually. Not the biggest problem for us, but for a new user not knowing what to to…

You sure already talked about that, but are there any plans to bring Chrome official to Ubuntu Software? Is Chromium via Snap a playground to make that happen in the future? Or are there legal problems within that? Just thought that since we have Skype available, Chrome shouldn’t be a bigger problem :slight_smile:


We’re aware of a large number of prominent, popular applications which users would like to be able to install on Ubuntu post-install. Some are in flight, others are blocked, and some are already done. Those that rely on delicate conversations with partners, are likely to be kept private until there’s something to say.

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Chrome browser is not available also for Windows users in the Microsoft Store, so the Windows user knows, where to get Chrome. It is the same for Linux/Ubuntu as for Windows. Its actually better than having a package in a software shop, which could be older. If one needs a how-to.


For clarity: Google prohibits redistribution of Chrome without permission. See, paragraph 5.3.