Chrome/Chromium desaturated colors

Hello to all,

I recently found a peculiarly annoying bug that I haven’t been able to find a solution to. In short, the entire window of Chrome or Chromium is noticeably paler - i.e. less saturated.

Here examples with Chrome, Chromium and Firefox:

Even the close button is less orange than normal windows. Does anyone have an idea whether this is a general mistake or maybe just an isolated case?

I have to admit that this is already very annoying and makes my desktop difficult to use - because you spend a lot of time online and I think a lot of people use Chromium or Chrome.

  • Ubuntu 20.04 with all updates (18 Jul 2020)
  • Chrome Version 84.0.4147.89
  • Chromium Version 84.0.4147.89
  • Firefox Version 78.0.2
  • Intel Xeon 1231 v3 - Haswell
  • Zotac GeForce GTX 970, 4GB with nvidia-driver-440
  • Philip 298X4 Monitor

Switching to xserver-xorg-video-nouveau driver solves the color problem, of course it slows down gaming… So also not a solution at the end.


What you are describing seems to be the the same as Images are washed out or colors are skewed in some apps (particularly Image Viewer and Chrome) which was reported to Launchpad over eight years ago.


Yes this sounds like bug 938751. I put it on the list of things the Desktop team would like to fix a while ago. But don’t know when I will get the time for it. Though anyone could work on it…

The workaround is simple:

  1. Settings > Colour > (your monitor) = OFF
  2. Relaunch your apps.

Okay thanks a lot, at least this way around I don’t have to switch drivers (and say bye bye to some animations…).

I was already playing around with the color profile, but switching it instead of switching it off.

Ubuntu is configuring everything out of the box this way, so at least IMHO this is a problem many people could face… I hope there is a fix in some way in some time. Or is it… Nvidia?? :thinking:

I see the issue with Intel graphics, but I don’t think the GPU type is a factor at all. It seems like a general settings/application/library bug.