Chisel v0.8.1, and incoming breaking changes

Chisel v0.8.1 has just been released:

This patch release is especially important as it comes in preparation for future breaking changes. The team is currently adding a set of security features into Chisel that we deem fundamental. One of the consequences is a change of schema in chisel-releases.

When this schema change is introduced (early in 2024), the existing Chisel v0.8.0 version will no longer work with any upstream chisel-release.

So what should you do?

  1. Upgrade your Chisel version to v0.8.1. This patch release is intended to give users a grace period such that v0.8.0’s feature set can still work for a while longer, even after the introduction of the new schema fields upstream.
  2. Keep an eye out for new Chisel versions. You can always rely on and the Chisel snap’s latest/<risk> channels in order to automatically get the latest Chisel versions.
  3. As soon as there’s a new minor or major Chisel version, please upgrade to it, leaving v0.8.x behind.

If you need to stick with v0.8.x for a while longer (which we don’t recommend), then the safest approach is to clone the upstream chisel-releases project, right before the new schema fields are introduced, and use it as a local chisel-release. E.g.: chisel cut --release /path/to/cloned/chisel-releases .... Please note that this also means you won’t have access to newer slice definitions, so make sure you plan your Chisel upgrade.

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