Checkbox 3.3.0 stable release

Hello all,

Checkbox 3.3.0 is ready to be released to the stable channel. This post is part of our preparation to ensure a smooth transition between the two versions and is our announcement for this incoming update. The release will take place on: 2024-02-07T23:00:00Z, two weeks from this going live.

We are not introducing any non-backward compatible change, but remember: if you update Checkbox you will not be able to resume testing session that you begun before updating. If this is undesirable to you, consider pinning Checkbox and finishing all sessions that are ongoing with the following command:

# for snaps:
$ sudo snap refresh --hold=forever checkbox checkbox22
# for debs:
$ sudo apt-mark hold checkbox-ng checkbox-provider-resource checkbox-provider-certification-client checkbox-provider-base

Remember to eventually run the following to re-enable automatic updates:

# for snaps
$ sudo snap refresh --unhold checkbox checkbox22
# for debs 
$ sudo apt-mark unhold checkbox-ng checkbox-provider-resource checkbox-provider-certification-client checkbox-provider-base

New features:

  • Introduce refresh/revert tests for kernel/snapd/gadget snaps
  • Added camera quality test using brisque
  • Autodiscover video port under test in Zapper EDID job
  • Add the app_context module
  • Add tracers tests

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fix always return success while no tpm tool or chip installed
  • Fix connecting by hostname
  • Add: filter MTK video and image driver in udevadm
  • Added version check to camera quality test
  • Strip the executable stack bit on, armhf only
  • Restricted camera quality test to 22.04
  • Add BT_CORE_SPEC_5_4 = 13 to HCIVersion Enum
  • Fix snappy-snap-automated misplaced to manual plan
  • Dont require gpg pass when running tests
  • Fix a typo in audio/detect-playback-devices description
  • Add: filter Intel IPU6 video driver in udevadm
  • Add unit test for PR#851
  • Restore parts meta info in the runtime snap
  • Prevent USB-C OTG cleanup jobs from being executed if USB-C OTG not in manifest