Checkbox 3.0.0 stable release

Hello all!

Checkbox v3.0.0 is available as Debian package (in the Stable PPA) and snaps (in the stable channel)! We have made several modifications to checkbox in this last period, most notably we have completely overhauled the naming of Checkbox remote to make it more inclusive (code-wise) and clearer (user-wise). You are going to receive a warning from Checkbox in case you use the old nomenclature but let me introduce the new one here for you:

  • Agent is the side of Checkbox remote that runs on the system under test. It was called service previously. The agent will be automatically started from the snap as it was before, if you want to start it manually you can do so by running checkbox.checkbox-cli run-agent
  • Controller is the side of Checkbox remote that controls the agent, selecting which tests to run and displaying the output in your terminal. It was called remote previously. The controller can be started running checkbox.checkbox-cli control $AGENT_IP.

Breaking Changes:

With this version comes one breaking change. If you upgrade to this version you will not be able to resume a remote session that was started before 2022-04-14. If for whatever reason you need to recover some of these old sessions, reach out! You can find us on Mattermost or on Discourse.

Highlights of this release:

Changes in providers:

  • Zapper-based keyboard test
  • Added zapper-automated testplan to SRU
  • Snaps confinement test
  • The tool was updated pulling the new ADL-N production key
  • New audio resources fixing the missing audio device on RPi4
  • Adding additional support for Bergamo cpuid
  • Fixed cpu_id now no longer case sensitive


  • fwts version in runtime snaps by
  • Add launcher argument to check_config subcommand
  • Add checkbox-provider-gpgpu as recommends for checkbox-provider-certification-server

Notable bug fixes:

  • Re-delete the apste_support job from the server-disk test plan after it
  • Changed pyotherside to qml-module-io-thp-pyotherside
  • Improved error of handling of the Checkbox config parser
  • Remove fan stress test from test plan
  • Return a “1” return code on job crashes
  • Fix the race condition when resuming via remote
  • Support multi-planar camera capability
  • udevadm: recognize 8086:a780 as a VIDEO device
  • Read ubuntu_dist_channel first then media-info
  • Install and require cuda-toolkit metapackage instead of the cuda metapackage

To see the full changelog see: v3.0.0 on GitHub