Check why it takes too long to install

I installed Ubuntu 3 times yesterday and once today. It took more than 45 minutes to install each time. It is Eoan daily of 23/09.. This daily hadn’t changed since 23/09 and still is 23/09. Earlier, Ubuntu daily got installed within 20 minutes. In a few days, Eoan will be released, so it would be nice to have a look at the installer. Just informing.

Ubuntu minimal and no extra packages as usual.

Probably because of slow mirrors. That’s a real problem with the installer, it doesn’t let you change mirrors, it picks the nearest one or something like that, which could be a very bad mirror. For example, I live in Argentina and the installer often picks the La Plata University mirror which has had very unstable performance for some months now. Installing 19.04 (which I did about 5 times in June) could take anything from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the day. One workaround is to disable updates during installation and do them post-installation after picking a better mirror. But the installer should provide an option to select mirrors or perform some analysis of actual mirror speed.

No updates, no extra packages and a minimal installation as usual. Download speed is about 49 Mbps. There are six mirrors and all are very fast ones. I installed another distro also yesterday, and had no problems. So, there must be a problem with Ubiquity.

The current implementation of “minimal installation” takes much longer to complete the install (compared to a non-minimal install) since it uses apt to remove all the extra packages pre-installed in the system image.

In the future, it’s planned for the minimal install to be its own system image so that the minimal install won’t take any longer than the regular install.

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Also try installing without internet/wifi enabled. If that’s the issue then it will then be clearly faster.

Try to install it anew in your partition, and check the details in the terminal.