CentOS is "dead", approaching BlackMagic Design?

Since CentOS as we know if is basically dead, you might want to know that BlackMagic Design shipped CentOS image with preinstalled DaVinci Resolve Studio on an SD card with their DaVinci Resolve Studio license.

Someone from the Ubuntu sales team might want to approach them about a transition to Ubuntu.

And while personal users might just use Ubuntu LTS, corporate users will most certainly buy Ubuntu advantage and support for every machine. And one company can have a need for hundreds of supported desktop machines. And when you account that most of them also use a render farm. Imagine all the money that would bring in.

They shipped that CentOS SD card for every Studio license, no matter if you use Windows or MacOS, you still get a CentOS SD card.

AFAIK they sipped it that way because they are preinstalling Nvidia driver. Since Ubuntu ships with easy Nvidia driver install option, it would be good for them, good for ubuntu, good for Canonical and good for us users.