CD Creator is not here in Ubuntu 18.04

I place a blank CD-R or DVD-R in the drive, Press right-click and no notice of open with CD/DVD Creator

Nothing happens. Video is ok with HandBrake and DeVeDe,

Audio is dead

I’m not sure if you are trying to make a statement, or asking for support? This site is for “co-ordination of the Ubuntu project”.

If you are after support, I’d suggest looking at which provides a list of sites where you can ask for Support for your Ubuntu.

If you are making a statement, or unhappy with something in Ubuntu, a bug report may be the better way, with information found at

The recommended method to burn a CD is not working in Ubuntu 18.04.

Video yes, but not Audio.

The recommended tool is not here in 18.04

Video can be done with a combo of Handbrake and DeVeDe depending on format of the source file

You’ll have to go to one of the places listed in the link for help with your issue.

As for the “recommended method to burn a CD is not working in Ubuntu 18.04” if you tell us where it is, we can look and see if we can do something about correcting it, or you could raise a bug yourself via

was it ? or somewhere else ?