Cast support

I just discovered that Windows 10 allows casting videos to Android TV which is on the same WiFi network. It would be great if Ubuntu natively supports not just phones but Android TV as well for content sharing. Some apk like KDE Connect which we can install on TV to make the PC work along.


@meetdilip Thanks for bringing this up. I tried screen casting after reading your post. I got a LG smart TV (WebOs 3.5), and just tried this with Windows 10 few minutes ago. WebOs doesn’t support Kodi, but I can now use one of the laptops run Kodi (on Windows 10) and screen cast Kodi on LG TV.

I can now keep the web pages I need for work on the laptop screen and screen cast another web page with something else on the TV screen. I can simply move the mouse cursor from the laptop screen on to the TV screen and open another web page there. I learned how to do that from a guy called Vince. ( He was using Edge browser to explain the matter. I used Opera and Vivaldi to move web pages to the TV screen.

Thanks again, Dilip for the nudge.

It would be nice, if Ubuntu would have such a feature.