Cassandra snap and OCI image status


We have been preparing a new Cassandra OCI container image.

For that, we have been preparing a Cassandra snap, which will be installed and shipped on top of an Ubuntu base OCI image.

A Cassandra snap existed in the past, and was maintained at

This snap was archived due to build issues with an unmaintained dependency resolver, as described in

Newer Cassandra versions have replaced the unmaintained dependency resolver (see This results in an opportunity to revive the archived snap, which has been worked on at

I also communicated to the snapcrafters forum of our intentions to revive such snap at

The builds, with the new Cassandra version and dependency resolver are still failing with the same proxy issue, as described in comments.

As a next step, we will work on reproducing the proxy issue within a confined environment using squid to allow network communication, to simulate the launchpad environment. From there, we will work on the Java related environment variables to verify if it should be possible to handle the issue during the build.

Once we get a successful snap build in launchpad, we will proceed to build a first OCI image with Cassandra.



I was able to successfully build the cassandra snap by injecting a maven settings.xml file containing the proxy definitions in build time. This was indeed the only way I could get the resolver-ant-tasks to use any proxy settings available.

The s390x builds are failing due to OOM errors, as in

A build sample is available at

Next, we will get the snap in a proper production state so we can get it re-published. Then we will proceed to create an OCI based on that snap.




The new Cassandra OCI image and it is finally ready for a first review.

I created the OCI repository for the new image at

The code to be review is in the “main” branch.

Note that the Cassandra snap is being fetched from

for now. It would also be nice to get some feedback on the overall state
of the snap itself.

Finally, the snap builds are failing for s390x with OOM errors. I have
contacted the LP team and will provide more context as I learn more
about the issue.

The next steps include publishing/reviving the Cassandra snap,
performing the OCI builds and publishing the new images.




Cassandra upstream finally released 4.0.0 a few weeks ago.

To complete our work on publishing a Cassandra OCI, we published the Cassandra snap 4.0.0, which is now publicly available.

We now ship Cassandra OCIs in and

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the new snap or OCI images.