Carlin0 Membership Application

Hi all, i am a linux user since the late 90’s, i have used several distributions including Slackware RedHat openSUSE Ubuntu and Debian.

I have been present in the Italian language support channels for Ubuntu since about 2009, and in 2018 the members of the italian irc group asked me to join their group, request that i naturally accepted.

My Lauchpad profile is →

The thing that worries me most will be to present my application on IRC, since i don’t speak english and to translate it i use online applications.



The user carlin0 in the years has earned respect on the Italian channels of ubuntu, volunteering daily, applying and with a very friendly approach, the user as you can see is already a member of the ubuntu LoCo it from his launchpad account …

Very experienced with Debian / Ubuntu is a great contributor to the Italian ubuntu community …
Currently delegated operator of # ubuntu-it on
A user almost always available and very present in the support channel …
Usually I don’t expose myself for the others, but Carlin0 is a user who deserves the esteem of the whole Italian channel … :wink: :+1: :muscle:
With best regards,


Hello Carlin0

It is great that you undertake this next step.
Please work on obtaining additional testimonials for your accreditation credentials, as this will greatly influence the boards decisions.
When ready please complete your application process by adding yourself to the schedule at: .

Being language restricted should not be a major problem - we will work through that. I can relate to the difficulties as I only comprehend the English language.



Hello Carlin0,

we became IRC Italy channel operators within a day :smiley:

I remember that you were not very sure about this choice but after almost 4 years I can say that it turned out to be perfect!

I’m glad you chose to take this further step (and I’ll probably follow you soon), you have the right skills and patience.

In 4 years of OP on the Italian channels we have seen all sorts of things… people who demanded attention… people who insulted… serial stalkers… but you have never lost clarity. I gotta hand it to you.
Good luck!



I report my experience with the user.
I had several discussions on telegram channels of the Ubuntu Italia and Debian Italia community and was not friendly, I could not discuss constructively.

Has also been banned from the Forum of the Italian Community of Ubuntu :

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hello @emanuc , as far as I can know carlin0, he is not an annoying user, and he is not a troublemaker, I do not know what kind of experience he had with him, but I invite you not to discredit the person for personal reasons maybe …
we all know in # ubuntu-it the support that carlin0 gives every day!
Kind regards :wink: :innocent: peace & love

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I am OP of the Italian IRC channels and I am also in the Debian Italy channel.

I’ve read all the discussions, you act as a fan towards some technologies/solutions and it seems that you have the definitive solution.

I didn’t read any insults or anything else but just a position taking, you were tried to explain the reasons of the answers but you don’t care.

P.S. In the Telegram group “Debian GNU/Linux” you have been mutated because every time you write you do nothing but cause senseless flame.


It is normal when they cover moderator/admin positions, create some dislike, especially when they ban people like you who have as the sole purpose create flame in a group

Regarding my Ban on the Ubuntu It forum, the regulation provides that we can be readmitted after 8 months, and 9 years have passed in fact I forwarded the request for readmission to the Council of Ubuntu IT in July 2020, Council that unfortunately he sleeps and after 18 months he still didn’t give me a nice or ugly answer he was

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I don’t know what discussion you have read and I don’t want to bring it back here, but I understand your defenses, you are friends.
Read better and you have to be impartial, please.
An admin should be more friendly and understandable in a free community.

I contribute when I can and in my little one, at Ubuntu’s Italian Wiki, I have been on the Ubuntu Italia (2013) Forum for many years and I have never had disciplinary problems.
I don’t create any type of flame.

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Some clarifications, everyone in the Italian Ubuntu Community knows that I am banned from the forum, but:

  • even members of the irc group knew this when they asked me to join them

  • this has never stopped my efforts to help new users through irc and other channels

  • sometimes when someone does not know, I myself tell them, and the answer they give me is almost always: they have lost a resource

P.S.: Finally a negative testimony that makes life more real and breaks all molds, thank you very much!!!
:wink: :kissing: :stuck_out_tongue:



i’m one of the oldest IRC Admins of ubuntu-it community still operating. I voted in favor of Carlin0 when asked for promoting it to operator status. I’ve been working with him for years and i can understand the complaints of some users about his behavior in chat. I think anyway that he has never abused its operator status and has discussed without being offensive or aggressive against users. He has it’s own ideas and positions and may not be the same as others. We decided to apply strict rules on community channels to avoid drifts on useless topics and flames. This may not be liked by someone and he may have used more direct sentences to drop those behaviors, but acting inside the range of the duties of an IRC Operator of Italian Community.

About the ban on forum: we knew it when we decided to promote him as operator and we evaluated the ban reasons’ not enough strong for keeping him away from the role, since it’s behavior in IRC channel has been always constructive and helpful.



To help users no need to have moderator status.
In the years I have dedicated and even today I dedicate a lot of my free time to help users with problems with Ubuntu or other Linux distributions, I do it in the telegram channel of the Ubuntu community]( (unofficial) and in the Facebook group (official) and with less Time on the Italian community forum.
The moderator must know how to moderate and not limit users if he is not in line with the thought of him.

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I’m online since some years (more or less 20 :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ) in several linux channels : I knew Carlin0 long times ago and I don’t remember one time he acts incorrectly or he used his authority for personal purpose. Like operator he use to control and check the users, respecting other sentences and other people thinking. I wonder that Ubuntu community has some doubt to get Carlin0 “on board”, do not use the Carlin0 knowledge and his work should be something lost for the whole Ubuntu enviromnt



I have known Carlin0 for several years joining the IRC channels where he is moderator. He has a bit of a rough temper, especially with troublemakers. But he is loyal to the regulations and always behaves correctly. His expertise is of a high standard, among the highest I have found in IRC channels.


Carlino is always present … he is ok …
i am a difficult boy but carlino … with other ops …
make my choose the way of friendship
he is very smart but also kind …


Carlin0 is a person truly knowledgeable on the subject.
For any type of issue, I like his method for diagnosticing the issue.
He’s also very very patient person
vote 10/10


carlin0 is an excellent op of the ubuntu-it channels, respectful and capable, he too is almost always active … vote 10
the-wailers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey Carlin0

Noted that you have added yourself to the meeting scheduled for 06Jan2022.

Good work



Yes, I prefer to prepare my application calmly…

haste is a bad counsellor:wink:

Best regards :smiley:


Hi, I am one of the IRC ops of Italian Ubuntu IRC channels.
I voted for his promotion as an IRC op and I know Carlin0 from several years now.

Among many IRC ops, Carlin0 is the one always present and available to support people. He is competent and his knowledge of Ubuntu and Linux worlds is wide.

I see some voices adversing his membership. I followed the flame that led to his banning from Italian Ubuntu Forum and in my humble opinion it was a little bit specious.
On the other hand, ops always risk to leave some people unhappy, people that do not know rules or don’t want to respect them.

I strongly support Carlin0 request for membership and I am sure he will bring new nourishment to Ubuntu community.