Canonical joins GNOME Foundation Advisory Board

As you’re no doubt aware, the default Ubuntu desktop is now running GNOME Shell following the 17.10 release and so we naturally have a great deal of interest in the plans and direction of the GNOME project. The best way for us to get more involved in the future of GNOME is to become a member of the Advisory Board, and so, I’m happy to announce that we are now fully signed up members.

The board’s responsibilities are summarised as: to meet with the GNOME Foundation board of directors to explain their needs, to learn more about the needs of GNOME users and to provide feedback on the overall direction of the GNOME project.

We hope to share the results of our many years of user research, testing plus the needs of our large and diverse user base to help map out the best way for the entire GNOME ecosystem to benefit from our membership.

The GNOME community have been very welcoming to Ubuntu, and we are already seeing the fruits of their labour in 17.10. Night Light, Captive Portal detection, the new Control Center, and a host of new features are now available to Ubuntu Desktop users by default by way of the GNOME desktop.

We look forward to working closely with the GNOME Foundation, and to many years of happy collaboration.


Having tried 1710 for a short while, I am sadly disappointed. 1704 and Unity had options that seem to have vanished with Gnome. Options that are rather important to me. I was able to monitor eight operations at the same time by hitting “workspace selector”. That option is gone.

I read that Gnome is more stable. I suppose it is if you want to have “random stop action” in the middle of Youtube. Something I didn’t have to deal with in Unity. So I believe I’ll be dropping back to 1704. 1710 has been a disappointment I’d rather not live with.


…on the other hand,

I’m quite happy to see Canonical and Ubuntu formally embraced by upstream projects, and very happy to see a formal structure for high-level feedback.

It’s a long way from the rancor of 5-7 years ago, and let’s keep moving away from that.

For the record, my 17.10 works splendidly