Cannot turn on screen sharing


I am trying to setup screen sharing (VNC Viewer) on a freshly installed Ubuntu 18.10, running in Hyper-V.

If I go to System menu / System Settings / Sharing as explained on the link below and turn on sharing on the top of the panel it does not save the state of the button. As soon as I navigate elsewhere or re-open this setting the sharing is inactive. When I turn it on I cannot see the screen sharing option either, basically nothing happen just the button is active (green) until I am on this setting and became inactive as soon as I navigate elsewhere. Is there any other way to turn on/configure screen sharing?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

OMG, this is soooo cool!!! :smiley:
I used to setup everything in terminal, omg. How rad is this :DDD

Anyway, setting a password worked for me. But I was testing from the same computer. I was connecting to it with GNOME Boxes.
If you are on the lan but from different pc and if setting pw doesn’t work, try using IP address instead of device alias to connect to from the client.

Again, this is to cool.

Sorry you are having trouble. The gurus in our support venues are ready to help you with your sharing problem: .