Canary desktop image - how do i use it?

I downloaded the ISO from Canary desktop image and started from it. The Live works fine but the installer (the new installer) does not work. How should the ISO be used? who is it for?

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I tried to use the canary ISO for an install; but it looked to me like ubiquity was still running, so I ended up running out of time I’d allotted for that QA-test install and thus moved on to something else. Instructions on how to help test it maybe useful :slight_smile:

You may post your issues about new installer here:

Could you give some details on ‘does not work’? It’s supposed to start when clicking on the icon and a few screens are implemented but there isn’t enough code at this point to get an installed system. We are aiming at getting an ‘automatic’ installation working in the next weeks and will do a status update post when we reach the milestone.

ubiquity was on the ISO until yesterday, that has been resolved now. The image starts a live session at the moment and the installer needs to be started manually from there. The live session or installer only screen will come back once the backend code is working and integrated

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The new installer start from the dash, I see the windows as in attached picture, after screen 4 i don’t see the screen ‘Installation type’ but the screen 5 for allocate disk space. gparted screen for reference.