Call for testing: the new apt stable release update for 21.10/22.04

Hi folks,

I uploaded new apt releases to 22.04 and 21.10 last week that should fix all those nasty cases where packages are uninstallable due to phased updates.

e.g. and it’s duplicates.

The package made it to proposed today.

The new algorithm is quite a big change and I welcome any additional people installing the update from proposed and using it for the 7 day testing period to reduce the risk of regression.

If this version fails with dependency issues in a upgrade or dist-upgrade, leave a comment on the bug, here, or send me a DM.

That’s all!

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Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indri July 14, 2022 - End of standard support, July 14, 2022 - End of Life
10 days ?

Perhaps this was a bit silly indeed, but it did not add much more work, and the more testing the better?