Call for testing: Exceptional respin of 17.10

Exceptionally, there is a respin of Ubuntu 17.10 and its flavours to fix bug 1734147 in the kernel which was leading users to be locked out of their BIOS settings.

The target date for the release is Thursday 11th.

More details on the original post from Steve Langasek to the ubuntu-release mailing list.

Thanks everyone for your help testing this release.

For information.

If people follow Steve’s e-mail to the tracker and from there try to download iso’s for Ubuntu or flavours - they’ll see a 404 until the tracker is corrected.

You can get them direct - for instance

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Are these daily-live artful releases safe enough to not to damage the motherboards with its bios?

This bug can be triggered merely by booting the live image without even
installing, and has the potential to make a user’s system unbootable either
immediately or in the future. While the affected machines are believed to
always be recoverable via software, this is not straightforward and is very
difficult to communicate to users who may be in the situation of having
their laptop no longer be bootable.

These particular dailies include the updated kernel to deal with that - says so in the linked release mail from Steve Langasek.

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The tracker has been corrected and the download URLS should now point to the right release.