Call for Participation: GPG Key Experts and People Who Need Help Signing the CoC

Hello! In anticipation of starting up our UbuntuOnAir Community programming :tv:, and in tandem with recent discussion on improving the membership application process, I’d like to have a live-streamed GPG key workshop in the next week or two, to help people who, like me, struggle with the process. Even though we are working on modernizing the application process, we still want to help people overcome this hurdle to applying for Ubuntu membership. :running_woman:

So! I am looking for a few volunteers from the community - people who both know how to set up GPG keys and feel comfortable walking someone through the process, and people who want help setting up a GPG key to sign the CoC. :old_key: While this will be live streamed, you don’t have to be on camera! Voice only is absolutely fine. If you’re interested, or think you might be, just reply below! :point_down:


I need some help. These are the prints. I couldn’t register the key i generated because it said it was invalid or non-existent, I need help to regularize my Launchpad account and be able to join as a member of the community: