Call for participation: an ubuntu default theme lead by the community?

Absolutely, I’m away tonight but can send more squircles when I get back tomorrow?

If the grey affects the tone, then making the squircle white would fix that, but at the expense of removing the lighter highlight at the top edge (because there’s no longer any difference between normal and highlight in the base squircle).

I suspect the optimal solution would be if I provided two separate layers for each squircle: one png with the shape in white and one with extra details like the highlights (which are semitransparent white). If you colourise the squircle and then superimpose the other layer on top, you should get perfect colour without losing the Suru highlight on the top edge.


I am interested in using Yaru in Ubuntu MATE, but we’d need to keep the accent MATE green.


Of course, take all the time you need.
Indeed the white squircle would make harder to keep the same details, your idea looks good

I’m working on it. I tried to work with variables inside the gtk.css but this didn’t work.
I don’t know how less/scss work and this is also too much work to learn it for me.
So, I need to create a MATE color palette and modify css and graphics. It’s not hard to do it but it takes time.

A tool where I can simply create my own color palette with many colors and compare it with another palette would be great

Latest development

  • replaced golang lib with convert to get the most relevant color
  • replace colorize-image with tint-image which keeps the color shades in squircle base image

Next step will be to try with new squircle and eventually work on HSV components


Or you can simply change a value of selected_bg_color in colors.scss


Looking better and better @c-lobrano

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This is also possible, but there are still some graphics for GTK2 and Gnome-Shell.
There are alsoore colors to change and the scss needs to be compiled.
Replacing the colors is easy and quick.

Of course everything can be done without using golang at all at this point :smiley:

@c-lobrano if you check your mail, I’ve sent you some pngs for the two layer approach.

For each size, the idea is to take the “base” png and replace the white with whatever colour you want:


…and then paste the “detail” png on top of it:


But I’ll also send a one layer version that’s almost white in case the two layer version doesn’t work.


@c-lobrano okay, I sent a one layer version in white as well.

If the two layer version almost works we can fiddle around with exactly what’s in each layer.


GNOME Shell isn’t in Mate, so we can remove the folders “gnome-shell” and “sessions”. But we should adapt the GNOME/Mate Panel.

@eaglers @jannomag @Wimpress let’s make a dedicated thread for this :slight_smile:


Sounds great.
Btw, I released it on GitHub and OpenDesktop.
Git link:

Yaru-Mate is in the works, nearly finished, just some fine tune needed for the colors.

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@jaggers, I’m facing some technical problems merging tree images :worried:.

I am also working on the color selection, @snwh, any chance I can have the Suru palette as rgb list?

I finished Yaru-Mate and created a new git:

I’m very new to this but I really don’t understand how Git works…so complicated :smiley:

The gnome-shell theme is blue.

Below is an example that is still using gray tiles.

  • I tweaked the algorithm to get the predominant colors a little and
  • added a logo outline (which is actually a shadow 1% bigger then the logo itself) that helps distinguish the logo from the background (e.g. see Firefox, Chromium and Chrome)

Note: The tile is using the second predominant color (modulated with +30% in Hue), while the shadow uses the first

When I tried with white tile, the imagemagick didn’t colorize the tile :smile:, probably I need to change something, or maybe imagemagick doesn’t colorize the white, however, looking at some very bright colors (e.g. VIM), probably the gray tile is not affecting the result and the bright details on top of the tiles are still visible (see dock icons)


Oh, you’re right…I’ll update it! I forogt the .css file for the shell theme…
EDIT: fixed, visit the github page and redownload, please.

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Aha - this is the same behaviour as you get in an app like GIMP when you colourise :slight_smile:

If you turn an image to greyscale, white is still white, black is still black, and a medium blue becomes a medium grey (in fact, we made the grey squircles by removing the pictogram from a Suru icon and then desaturating it). The same happens in reverse if you colourise a greyscale image with a blue colour in GIMP. The whites and blacks are unaltered.

When we thought the grey might be affecting the colour, I wondered if Image Majick was using a different process, but I think the colours were probably just a bit grey for some other reason in the early attempts? Looking at your new screenshot, I think this is a normal colourisation after all. So, we can stick with the greyscale squircles as a template, which is a lot more simple, and a pretty straightforward way of mapping the chosen colour to the highlights and gradient :slight_smile:

EDIT: FWIW I think the latest screenshot is a big improvement on the current mixed look - there might be further improvements that can be made to the colours but the icons already look pretty great to me.

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