Call for Indian members of Ubuntu Community to create Ubuntu IN Edition

I’d like to call out to Indian members of the Ubuntu Community to create a community to build Ubuntu IN Edition.

It could be an alternative to BOSS Linux by C-DAC.

There is India locale. There is also support for Indic language support in UI and typing.

Then why does BOSS Linux exist? :slight_smile:

Enlighten me please…

Applications related to India, mostly. For example, an App Store featuring Indian-made apps. Also, background with Indian animals like the Bengali Tiger.

So like Ubuntu Kylin, but for the Indian market?

Yup. And I would like to suggest the idea for other nations too.

Are those Indian-made apps already in the store? You can bootstrap the community by helping upstream integrate their efforts into Ubuntu and other distributions.

I’ll be checking :slight_smile: Well, I’m planning to make applications like News etc.

Have designed a background.


I am creating an ISO, and am going to give a link to it. :slight_smile:

From my experience, I would choose the divide & conquer approach and start by packaging India-related apps and your customizations.

Bottom-up is a more intuitive process for starting out. The ISO can be your final milestone for your first iteration.

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I know, that’s what!! Made a list of applications to include!! :slight_smile: Background made too…

If someone could join, please… :sunny: