Call for Beta Testing Ubuntu 21.10 and Ubuntu Flavours

Hi folks, Today the Ubuntu 21.10 Beta is now available for testing that means were just 3 weeks away from the Final release. If you have any questions Ubuntu Community Representative @madhens is a great person to ask.

Note: This is Beta software and there will be bugs so do not run this on any production/daily driver machines of yours. If you have any spare hardware you could install this on would be best.

Impish Indri Release Notes

Ubuntu 21.10 Testing Week

How to be a Tester

Ubuntu ISO Testing Tracker

Setting up a development installation

Ubuntu Quality team on Launchpad

Ubuntu 21.10 Beta

Kubuntu 21.10 Beta

Ubuntu MATE 21.10 Beta

Xubuntu 21.10 Beta

Lubuntu 21.10 Beta

Ubuntu Budgie 21.10 Beta

Ubuntu Studio 21.10 Beta

Ubuntu Kylin 21.10 Beta

Though, the Ubuntu remixes below are not official flavours yet. I provided links to each Project’s website where folks can download and test the Beta’s.

Ubuntu Unity 21.10 Beta . @rs2009 feel free to add another link below for Ubuntu Unity ISO testing if I missed one.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 21.10 Beta


I tried when the beta was released ( the build available in OMG Ubuntu). My laptop wifi and Nividia graphics card were not detected. It is a very new laptop.

Please open a bug for each issue in Launchpad instead of discussing them here.