Call for Beta Testing Ubuntu 21.04 and Ubuntu Flavours

Hi folks, Today the Ubuntu 21.04 Beta is now available for testing that means were just 3 weeks away from the Final release.

Note: This is Beta software and there will be bugs so do not run this on any production/daily driver machines of yours. If you have any spare hardware you could install this on would be best.

Ubuntu 21.04 Testing Week (April 1st to April 7th)

Hirsute Hippo Release Notes

How to be a Tester

Ubuntu ISO Testing Tracker

Setting up a development installation

Ubuntu Quality team on Launchpad

Ubuntu 21.04 Beta Desktop

Ubuntu 21.04 Beta for Server and Raspberry Pi Images

Kubuntu 21.04 Beta

Ubuntu MATE 21.04 Beta

Xubuntu 21.04 Beta

Lubuntu 21.04 Beta

Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 Beta

Ubuntu Studio 21.04 Beta

Ubuntu Kylin 21.04 Beta

Though, the Ubuntu remixes below are not official flavours yet. I provided links to each Project’s website where folks can download and test the Beta’s.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 21.04 Remix Beta

Ubuntu Unity 21.04 Remix Beta

UbuntuDDE AKA Deepin 21.04 Remix Beta


Your link to ‘Ubuntu 21.04 Beta’ points to a page with just SERVER ISO!

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Probably these are the ones missing:

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Installing from Ubuntu 21.04 “Hirsute Hippo” - Beta amd64 (20210402)
message ‘checking disk…’ disappeared.
Same with Ubuntu 21.04 “Hirsute Hippo” - Beta amd64 (20210411)
I think it was an important feature and it should be restored.

The upgrade process to Hirsute still tries to install sssd packages - the same way as it was with upgrade from Focal to Groovy. To the contrary, it doesn’t try to install e.g. LibreOffice if it’s uninstalled.

I really need this commit: “drm/amd/display: Enable pflip interrupt upon pipe enable” from 5.11.11 to have a stable desktop experience, hope you upgrade soon! Otherwise I can’t wake up the monitors from sleep most of the time.

This affects Ubuntu 21.04 Beta too:

Crash accessing Home of another user:
On my PC I have some different users. If from one user I try to access the Home directory of a different user I enter the password and then I have a crash.

I think that Paolo Bacchilega is going to spin a new file-roller quickfix release in a few hours.

This release would wire up the new (and now free) libarchive support for RAR files to File-roller. It would be nice to be able to use that new libarchive feature in file-roller, the proper libs (libarchive and gnome-autoar) are already shipped in Hirsute.

Not much code has changed, it is rather a thing of stopping marking RARs as unsupported. And RAR files are pretty ubiquitous in the net. It would be nice to have support for it shipped OOTB.

Maybe a small distropatch would be easier to sneak in at this point.

EDIT: There is a 3.39.1 release for now:

EDIT2: And a 3.38.1 one btw, but without that fix:

EDIT3: That would be the Nautilus side of the rar enablement (just RAR added to the MIME list):