Calibre Snap?

I’ve been having a number of problems with the Calibre package since a few months. Currently it doesn’t even launch in Focal. Upstream seems to be hostile to downstream packagers (“Please do not use your distribution provided calibre package, as those are often buggy/outdated”) and provide their own installer. Kovid Goyal (the main developer) has provided a Flatpak package also, but they seem to be hostile to Snap (Eli Schwartz , another developer: “IMHO snap is still a disaster and I’m very grateful Kovid doesn’t use it”). Unfortunately, despite this attitude from their developers, Calibre is an important piece of software than many Ubuntu users depend on. I think it wouldn’t be that difficult to create a community supported Snap package from the deb one or from their installer. What do you think? Is that a good idea?


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Great reading, thanks! Even though I’ve no experience with Snap packaging I would like to undertake this one, I’m continuing the conversation in snapcraft forum.


The upstream developer doesn’t appear to have made that flatpak at all. It’s community maintained. Unfortunately the flathub website is somewhat disingenuously misleading where it shows who the “developer” of a flatpak is, which leads one to think it’s an official package when it isn’t.

Click the publisher link, navigate github and you’ll find who contributed to the flatpak.