Bug Squad Mentoring?

I just read a tweet by former community manager Jono Bacon and think he might be onto something:


An idea for increasing the number of bug squad triagers and hopefully getting through more bugs could be to have some sort of mentoring scheme if we don’t have one already? I know this probably would’ve helped me to get through more bugs back in the day and be more confident with triaging, though I don’t think I have the time now :frowning: But something to do in the future, if we don’t already? If there is already a BugSquad mentoring scheme then it needs to be more findable on pages like this one

This is just a suggestion though, perhaps IRC and the mailing list (could we move that to these forums? That would be more accessible…or maybe we already have and the wiki hasn’t been updated) is enough for getting help, I didn’t use them much personally and maybe I should have done!

Also I’m not aware of any pages on this site linking to the bug squad?


Not long ago, I actually sent an email request for help. There was one person only who replied and no one pointed out to a project of this nature.

Yes, I do agree this is a very much needed project because it would help a lot of beginners integrate and participate in the Community. For this reason, I’m super looking forward for Carla’s talk at UbuCon in April, which is about getting started in the Ubuntu QA Team.


There is an old list of Mentors but it wasn’t updated since 2011 and the BugSquad Mentorship Program is closed now.