Browser on Pi3B+

hello. I am running it on raspbian OS on raspberry pi3B+. I want to run a web browser setup with mir kiosk. the command executes but nothing happens. What can be the problem ??

You have to be a bit more specific, does mir run ?
you should see an orange flashing on screen for a second, followed by a black screen with a mouse cursor.

what browser/command did you try to run and how exactly ?
the typical recommendation here is to use the wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk snap which is tailored for kiosk setups:

I did not see any orange screen or anything. Using mir-kiosk this is the link I was using.
Commands used : snap install wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk
snap set wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk url=

Any browser would do the job for me :slight_smile:

did you stop your currently running graphical session before installing mir-kiosk ?

No. I did not. How do I do it ?? Can you guide me? I have no idea how to do it.

i think there is a setting in the raspiOS desktop somewhere to turn it off (not using that OS a lot but IIRC there is a GUI for raspi-config that allows to select booting without desktop environment) …

Yet you are following instructions for " Graphics on Ubuntu Core".

By default mir-kiosk only starts a daemon on Ubuntu Core, that’s why nothing appears.

Thanks for clarification Sir. Will it work on Raspbian Lite(It doesn’t have any Desktop environment)

yes, you can install both snaps and then run:

snap set mir-kiosk daemon=true

make sure to keep an ssh login working so you can log in remotely to i.e. set the url to what you want using the snap set ... command

I try these steps from raspbian lite. correct??

I don’t know whether mir-kiosk runs on the Raspbian graphics stack. But if it does, then the version of Raspbian probably doesn’t matter. (Unless “lite” has a kernel without graphics support.)

Some of this discussion may help:

I am taken to a black screen when I enter the first command but url command doesn’t work…no orange splash screen or anything.

The black screen is likely Mir starting. The lack of an orange “splash” suggests it isn’t working.

Could you pastebin the output from snap logs -n 150 mir-kiosk?