(Broadcom 43XX) Wireless adapter + Ubuntu 20.04 (desktop): way too complicated (at least for me)

I would love to use Ubuntu on one of my computers.
I’m trying a live USB before “killing” Windows (this computer is actually the one I use for my work).

The Wireless adapter is not recognized => no network.

I have read many docs and tried tens of things to make wifi work, but no way.
(fr) https://doc.ubuntu.org/wifi_broadcom_bcm43xx
and others…

Nothing wants to work. I’m probably dumb.
Is there a simple step by step doc (which works in the end…) to make Ubuntu see my wifi card.

An extra question: since one of the very first things some people (I’m guessing many people) may want to do when using Ubuntu is to have the Internet connection working with their wireless adapter, why the f**k is it so complicated to achieve this?
This should really be improved! I mean… I’m a software developer, so I hope I’m not a total newbie anymore regarding computers related stuff, and I’m probably gonna to have to stick to Windows (unfortunately).

Imagine what an end-user would think… (without spending much time on this BTW)

I agree that Linux in general has become really more user-friendly compared to the “old years”, but IMHO this kind of problems is completely blocking.

Last thing: I have spent many hours, and I’m upset.
You, skilled guys, please explain to me (and others) what should be done.

Thank you,

How do I install my Broadcom WiFi” is a common question in the Ubuntu support venues (https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/709). It is answered there frequently, too. Some of our support guru volunteers are really amazing, and experts at precisely this topic – try them out.

This site is for the co-ordination of the Ubuntu project(s), and not support.

Short answer: It’s hard because the hardware manufacturer (Broadcom) decided that’s how they wanted it to be. Complain to them…after all, you are their customer. We are not.