Black screen is showed when I choose install menu

I have a trouble to install Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS.

The H/W Spec. is as follow:

  • Intel G3930, 4GB RAM, AMD RX570, MSI H270-A Pro main board

I turned off fast boot option and set UFEI + Legacy boot option.

I’ve tried as follow:

  • Boot from USB stick with Legacy boot mode: The screen is always black.
  • Boot from USB stick with UFEI mode: The screen showed me the GRUB and I’ve choose Install Ubuntu or Live Mode and then the screen is showed me nothing.
  • Boot from USB stick same as above and put “nomodeset” in the GRUB boot option: The result is same as above.

I’ve tried to solve this very hard. But I couldn’t find good way.

Please advice me. Thanks.

This site is not for Ubuntu Support. If I’d read this on AskUbuntu or a valid support site I’d have tried to answer, but it’s off-topic here.

Have a look at for your various support options, be they Ubuntu forums, IRC Chat, Launchpad Answers, AskUbuntu & more.